The International Breastfeeding Symbol in Use

Mothering launched the International Breastfeeding Symbol contest and received an overwhelming number of responses – all beautiful graphic expressions of mother and child and the nursing bond. Here we share photos of the winning symbol in use sent to us by readers who have captured it in all over the nation and world.

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breastfeeding symbol magnet

Magnet from Seton Center for Women & Infants’ Health

“We give [the magnets] to breastfeeding moms when they are in the hospital to put on the door frame of their room to notify everyone that this is a breastfeeding mom and baby and to support and encourage them.  They then take the magnet home to put on their fridge so if they have any questions they may call us.”


Breastfeeding Symbol at Oregon Zoo

Breastfeeding Symbol at the Oregon Zoo, courtesy of Beth Cagnoni


 Breastfeeding Symbol on sign in Glasgow, Scotland, courtesy of John Tollett


Breastfeeding Symbol Santa Monica Pier

Breastfeeding Symbol, Santa Monica Pier, courtesy of Matt Daigle (symbol designer)


Baby Owen shows off a homemade hat featuring the breastfeeding symbol, created to support the Laramie Breastfeeding Bag Project in Laramie, Wyoming. Photo by Amanda Mack.


Restrooms at the new Thousand Oaks Mall in  Southern California, courtesy of Kay Oldfather-Daigle.


River City Church, annual Ladies Christmas Tea, courtesy of Amy Matthews.

The Good Life Cafe in Carlisle, PA
The Good Life Cafe in Carlisle, PA, courtesy of Emily Hale.

Grand Forks Breastfeeding Coalition sponsored a billboard during World Breastfeeding Week 2007. Grand Forks, ND

Mothers Room
Islip Long Island Airport Mother’s Nursing Room

Awareness cap
Breastfeeding Icon/Awareness Crochet Hat made by TheHatLady

LLL Cake
Cake made by Tanya Smith for a World Breastfeeding Week celebration held by La Leche League of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bag made for a friend by Jackie Remidez

Halloween Pumpkin
A Halloween pumpkin carved by Jaclyn Fisher.

Chico Brestfeeding Support Walk
Nurse-in at Applebee’s, 5123 S. State St., Salt Lake City, UT September 8, 2007
Copyright 2007 Bernshaw Photography
Chico Brestfeeding Support Walk
A collage of photos taken at the Chico, Ca Breastfeeding Support Walk for Breastfeeding Support Week 2007. The nursing moms had buttons with the breastfeeding logo.

Applebee's Nurse-In
The London girls doing their parts in the Applebee’s Nurse-in

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Anna Denomey and her daughter in the Mountain Equipment Co-op store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Jason with Hammet at two weeks old

Keep Britian BreastfeedingKeep Britian Breastfeeding
Lactivism products designed by the Mothers Milk Marketing Board

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
Back cover of the ABM (Association of Breastfeeding Mothers) Spring issue.
Mile High Celebration
Carissa Fisher and her son Ryan, sporting a homemade t-shirt with the International Breastfeeding Symbol, visits the Diapers and Wipers booth at the National Mile High Breastfeeding Celebration on June 25, 2007 in Denver, Colorado. A new state record was set that day with 196 women breastfeeding their children!
Dairy Queen Cape Hatteras Island, NC
The Euler family proudly displays the icon at one of the two family-friendly Dairy Queens they own on Cape Hatteras Island, N.C. (both restaurants feature the icon).
Midwest Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair in Custer, Wisconsin
Midwest Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair in Custer, WI
Symbols made by the Friends of Natural Mothering, Japan, for their Mothering Festa display for Earth Day
Sea World Map
Sea World Adventure Park San Antonio, Texas
Moms Club New Hampshire
Moms Club – Hamstead, New Hampshire
Knitting the Symbol
Symbol Collage
Images from the Delta Airlines demonstrations

Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport

Azure Wraps La Boutique in Montreal

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