The Jifftip: Male Contraception Or Torture?

Has a new male contraceptive hit the market? No, though some debate that the issue is still in question. Has a new male contraceptive hit the market? No, though some debate that the issue is still in question. Experts warn that it should not be used for protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, and more? It’s gotta hurt!

Essentially, the Jiftip is a sticker that a man puts on the tip of his penis, theoretically preventing him from sharing bodily fluids when…you know.

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But experts say that there is absolutely no evidence it’s effective (or safe) and warn women to be cautious when men suggest using it as a contraceptive or to prevent the transmission of STDs.

The makers of Jiftip did not create the stickers to replace condoms, and if you read the small-print on the website, you’ll see that they very clearly advise you NOT to use them for either protection or contraception. In fact, they basically created them to ‘make sex less messy,’ and to keep urine and semen to a man’s self when having sex. Their website is very clear that the Jiftip is not approved for anything, and to basically be used for entertainment.

So we have to ask…WTF?

Why on earth would a man want to stick his penis shut? How in the world could that be more comfortable than a condom, which would also protect each partner? Seriously, the sticker bonds to the skin and temporarily closes the man’s urethra so he can ‘enjoy real sex,’ but holy cow — what must that feel like when pulling it off?

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And more, health experts are concerned that people may be misled into believing that using this thing will protect them somehow, and scarier to imagine, prevent pregnancy. The Jiftip site even goes so far as to say they, “…Imagine a world where all babies are anticipated by loving parents who are up to the challenge.” If that doesn’t sound like they’re promoting it as contraception, I’m not sure what does.

One thought on “The Jifftip: Male Contraception Or Torture?”

  1. I’m glad someone wrote about it. I hope more will report this to the FDA. I think it’s quite clear on the secondary site that he’s marketing it as contraception and for preventing STIs. His site was initially very clear that this was the intention. He’s been gradually toning down the claims over the last year. Yep. I’ve been paying attention.

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