The Latest Cloth Diaper Giveaway: Knickernappies!

Good morning, mamas. Wait, it’s 1pm. I am not surprised, it’s been that kind of a Monday! We spent Mother’s Day in a baseball stadium in the hot sun. The Albuquerque team won. Mind you, I’m not a sports person per se. But it was just right–the stadium wasn’t too big, or too dinky. A strapping Albuquerque Isotope baseball player handed me a red carnation, because I was a mommy. *grin* It’s hard not to get a kick out of that.

There was a playground on the premises. I had a terrific hot dog loaded with sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard, relish, and some sliced jalapeno. The kids had lots of fun running up and down the aisles, once we relocated to an empty seating area–and they made insty friends with some other kids. (Laura got Nathaniel one of those big silly foam pointing fingers, and she gave Honorée a pink, purple, flowery Isotopes baseball hat–uber-femmy!)

But given that the game was four hours long, and it was rather hot and sunny, I’m a little behind. Thinking it’s still morning and all. But that will not stop me from posting the next round of sweet giveaways.


ONE 2G size small Celery pocket diaper with snaps, plus a small LoopyDo 2G prewashed insert, a fleece liner, and a Turquoise changing pad.
KN2Gcelery 300


ONE 2G size medium Turquoise pocked diaper with snaps, plus a medium LoopyDo 2G prewashed insert, a fleece liner, and a Celery changing pad.
KN2Gturquoise 300

Here’s a diagram that shows the intricacies of KnickerNappies’ design…


Please enter to win by leaving a comment letting me know of your preference of size small or medium. And let me know how your Mother’s Day went! I’ve had bummer ones, but yesterday was a total blast.

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50 thoughts on “The Latest Cloth Diaper Giveaway: Knickernappies!”

  1. small

    Had a good Mother’s Day – very low key, lots of snuggles with my toddler and my 2 week old baby!

  2. I would love to win the MEDIUM Diaper! Mother’s Day was great. I am a momma of two now. My youngest just over 2 months old. I got a card from my two year old with scribbles on it:) So Sweet! My husband got me a nice heartfelt card letting me know how much he appreciates me:) My husband also cooked dinner a shrimp and pasta dish. Very Yummy! We just relaxed around the house and reflected on how quickly the past two years have gone by and how it feels like just yesterday I was breastfeeding my toddler. All in all a great day!

  3. Small. Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day. It was amazing!!! I’m already looking forward to next year!

  4. Mothers day started out ok. I was so tired from staying up late spending quality time with my hubby, but it was worth it. The day got better as I spent time with my awesome family. Unfortunately the day ended poorly as I ended up with a stomach virus and I am just beginning to feel human again almost 24 hours later. But I wouldn’t trade all the I love yous I got from both of my kids!!! I am new to cloth diapers so I’m always looking for ways to expand my stash! I would love the medium. I think it might be a good over night diaper for my daughter.

  5. Size Medium

    I sat around the house, cleaned a little, and made dinner. Hubby did clean up his computer area and take out the trash though o.O lol other then that it was a very tame borning mothers day

  6. My mother’s day was a bust. LITERALLY! A small hole in the pipe leading into our hot water tank ended up with the water shut off to our apartment for nearly 24 hours because the landlord didn’t want to pay to have a contractor come and fix it on a Sunday!

    My children tried to make it better though and picked me some lilacs from the bush that grows at the back of the parking lot (they are my favorite) and they made me a card as well as a “special” magic wand.

    I love them so much and they make life worth it!

    My little munchkin would be interested in a medium.

  7. I would like the medium size.

    I went to go visit my mom so the whole family could play with the baby. It was a pretty uneventful first mother’s day!

  8. I’d love to try the medium size. My little one was sick on Mother’s Day, so we spent extra time cuddling and it was really nice 🙂

  9. Small please!! Yesterday was my first official Mother’s Day, I’m 7 months pregnant. We went Saturday for our 3D/4D ultrasound and it was the greatest Mother’s Day present ever!! 🙂
    .-= Kari´s last blog ..Mother’s Day Magic… =-.

  10. I would love the small in either color. I have 4 kids under 5 but my youngest and only one in cloth is still just barely out of 0-3mth clothing at 5.5 mths old! She’s such a little peanut and I enjoyed most of yesterday just snuggling her. =)

  11. We’d love a medium!

    Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day! I had the best gift of all just playing with my munchkin in our pjs all morning 🙂

  12. Medium please. Mother’s Day was nice. Ho hum. Under construction at our house so I couldn’t really relax, but I did get to spend it with my favorite people, the ones who made me a mother!

  13. I would love a small.

    I had my first mother’s day yesterday. Not only that it was my husbands birthday too! We spent the day building garden boxes in the sunshine, it was lovely <3

  14. Medium please.

    Mother’s Day was nice. We hosted dinner to my mother in law and brother in law’s family. Hubby bbq’d dinner.

  15. My first mothers day 🙂 Was nice… out to lunch and on to hanging out with my little family– medium please! 🙂

  16. small?? just starting on my cloth diaper quest and due in september…

    we spent most of the day enjoying the scenic rides to our mother’s and grandmother’s houses….

  17. I would need a medium please.

    Mothers Day was nice. I spent it with my girls and my husband. We did however go and visit my papa in the hospital (unforunately he did pass away yesterday, so kind of been a rough week). The Funeral is on Thursday. Friday evening we are going out of town to the beach and I can’t wait. We are going camping! Just need to get away for the weekend.

  18. medium.

    i did 26 loads of laundry on mother’s day. it was a lot of hard work with little rest, but now that it is over i can focus on getting other things done for my newest arrival (i’m 34 weeks pregnant). despite having to do all that laundry, i did get to spend lots of quality time with my two favorite guys.

  19. either color in a Medium. My Mother’s Day was great. After a wonderful lunch, we were driving to the local Baskin Robbins when a 2 year old boy ran right in front of my van. How awful and frightening. But his life was spared. I responded quickly, stopped and made enough noise with my horn that oncoming traffic stopped and the childs father ran out to get him. Now that was a gift both to me and his mom.

  20. My daughter is trying to decide which cloth diaper to use. She would love to try a small size diaper for her son.

    My mother’s day was wonderful. My oldest daughter made a delicious breakfast for our family at her home. My son came in from college for the weekend. I got tulips, roses and an azalea bush.

  21. I would love to win a size small 🙂 My Mother’s Day was wonnderful. I got to spend it with my hubby, DS, and little girl still growing inside of me. It doesn’t get any better!!

  22. Medium please! Mother’s Day was pretty good for the first one, I can’t wait till my lil guy can bring me breakfast in bed!

  23. Medium Please! I had a great first Mothers Day we spent the day at the beach and my baby went in the ocean for the first time and loved it!

  24. I would love a small:)

    We had a very nice Mother’s Day, husband made us breakfast and then took toddler out to run errands while I went to prenatal aqua aerobics. I love prenatal aquaaerobics and I love cloth diapering!

  25. put me in for the medium. Mother’s day was nice this year. I spent the day with my mom and my kids and we visited my little sister and enjoyed some great spring weather.

  26. I’d love the small Celery. Mother’s Day was mostly spent in anticipation of the few weeks left before my first arrives!

  27. Mother’s Day was great! Breakfast with my family, a trip to the garden store, and planting together after nap. Couldn’t have been a better day! I would love a small in either color 🙂

  28. medium

    Starting with a lazy morning and a 3 hour haircut, I get one every year 😛 Because the hair cut lasted so long I missed out on my massage but that’s okay. Then we went out to Boomer’s for a round of putt putt, me, hubby, another mom, and our 4 combined kids: 3, 2, 9mo and 2mo.. Finally we ended the day with dinner at Chili’s, which was fun because apparently every other mom was at Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill because we were seated right away, had a great waiter and we each got a pink carnation. 🙂

  29. MEdium please.

    I had a decent mothers day. My hubby is a Marine and wasn’t able to be home but the kids and I had a wonderful day!

  30. Small, please (for my little one due 8/7/10)!

    Mother’s Day was great. Got a super-sweet card from my anti-holiday hubby and a morning snuggle turned nap on the couch with my 18-month old. I didn’t have to cook lunch or dinner and hubby did the cleaning. I did wash the cloth diapers, though 🙂

  31. Medium!

    This was my first Mother’s Day this year and it was quiet and relaxing, with hubby and the little wiggler (our daughter who is 6 months old). She is learning to sit and is very entertaining 🙂
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..So many things on my mind… =-.

  32. I spent Mothers Day and the past few days taking care of a sick hubby. He had big plans but won’t tell me, he said he will surprise me soon:)

    A medium would be the best.

  33. Medium! please… 🙂

    I had a wonderful mothers-day. It started at 2 am. My son woke up (he is 9 weeks old) and I thought he was hungry. I popped the breast out, but he wasn’t hungry. He just wanted to smile and coo and blow spit bubbles. It was adorable. After about 5 min, he fell back asleep. It was a wonderful start to a great day.

    For breakfast, my boyfriend made me eggs and cheese 🙂 and surprised me with a really sweet card and took me out front where he had planted a flower for me! I thought that was a lot better surprise than cut flowers! What a great idea.

    Then we went to Mother in laws, and then to my moms. Then, we came home and he, I, and baby all cuddled up and fell asleep. It was a perfect day for my first mother’s day!

  34. Medium please! My mother’s day was great! I think I got a thousand hugs and kisses from my little boy! We did go out to eat as a family, which was the worst dinner service I have ever had at a restaurant (I know, on Mother’s Day of all days)! But I didn’t let it get me down since my kids and my husband were their with me. I feel so blessed!
    .-= Stacy´s last blog ..Spending time with Christ this Easter =-.

  35. Medium, please!

    Mother’s Day was nice- i got to hang out with my baby all day while my husband cooked for me. He didn’t even let me in the kitchen to clean!

  36. Medium Please!

    Spent Mother’s Day making banana pancakes at daughter’s request, then preparing a meal for my in-laws and my parents. Got to hear my 3 year-old say many times “Happy Mother’s Day”.

  37. medium

    We celebrated Mothers Day on Monday to avoid crowds. DH took me to a fun restaurant I’d been wanting to try.

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