The Man Who is Not My Mother



We give voice to more than sock puppets in my family. Our dog berates those around him like a furry muttering ogre. Birds perched on the back porch rail offer scathingly funny asides as they break open sunflower seeds. And baby Olivia expresses her displeasure in whimsical Shakespearean monologues. All channeled, of course, through the mouths of larger, more language-savvy humans. None of our speak-for-another silliness comes close to the perfectly droll wit of The Man Who Is Not My Mother.

This Tumblr site is inspired by four-month-old Adeline. Her father, Isaac Bloom, posts pictures along with what might very well be accurate baby observations. That is, if babies could editorialize about their experiences in a manner far more literate than the usual cooing, crying, and drooling.



Hands down, this is now my favorite Tumblr site.


If babies were born talking this might be a far different world…



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