The MDC Trading Post

Did you know you can buy and sell your baby and kids gear right here on MDC? It’s true!!

We have several forums devoted to selling outgrown items and finding new things for your family.
First is The Trading Post, located here:
There are subforums for the different types of items: BabywearingBirth and Baby SuppliesChildren’s ClothingClothing for Adults and MaternityCraftsDiapers & Diapering SuppliesHomeschoolingNatural Home & Body Care, Household Goods and ElectronicsToys, Games, Books, Music and Other Media, and Miscellaneous.  For those you in Canada wishing to only list things for your country-mates, there is also a Canada Trading Post.
Those forums act as a traditional classified as would work, you list something, someone contacts you and you work out the details.
We also have a Free For Shipping forum, in which items being offered are of varying quality, but the person offering only requires you to cover the cost of shipping.
Our In Search Of forum is for you to post inquiries about items you are looking for, but haven’t seen a listing for in the Trading Post.
Finally we have our MDC Swaps forum, in which people organize swaps, such as book swaps, crafts swaps, etc.
All of our Buy/Sell/Trade forums offer the opportunity to add photos, bump your listing, close your listing and for people to give trader feedback once the transaction is complete.
With that, let’s get into what listings look like and how you list an item. This procedure will be the same throughout the Buy/Sell/Trade forums. Please make sure you take a look at the Rules, which are posted in the right hand sidebar:
When you arrive in the forum you are interested in you will see you can filter the ads in a variety of ways, via the check boxes at the top of the listings.
A listing on the main page looks like this:
On this front listing page, you will find the item information, the seller, their feedback rating, how much they are asking, how many time the thread has been viewed as well as replies, and when it was listed. By clicking on the listing you will get the expanded view of the thread.
Please note that the Edit Details | Bump Listing | Close Listing options in the yellow box at the top will only be available on your own posts (or if you are an admin.  )
To post a listing, navigate to the correct forum and click the Create a New Classified Button:
This will take you to the entry screen for a new listing.
 From here you may specify the type of sale (sale/trade/free) in the drop down menu:
Name your listing, select a price, and currency as well as specify best offer
There is an option under the name that says “Ship To”. In the main Trading Post forum, this only gives you the option of selecting the forum you are listing in,
 so you will have to specify in your post details where you are willing to ship to.  If you click this box it will look like this in your listing:
If you leave it unclicked, it will look like this:
In the ISO, Free for Shippingm and Swaps fora, the new post screen will give you this option:
and you may specify shipping location info there. It will appear in your listing like this:
This is being checked into, and may change in the future.
Once you have added a description, you have the option to add photos.
If you need help on how to add multiple photos, there is an infor screen available by clicking the  “How to add multiple photos” link to the right of the Select Photos button.
As with all threads, you may choose how you are notified when people respond to your post via the drop down menu directly under the green “Select Photos” button.
When you feel your listing is complete, click the green Submit button at the bottom of the page.  You will be taken to the main listing page, and a note will appear at the top confirming your listing and offering a link to all your open listings.
If, when you are finished with your listing, you wish to post another, click the “Submit and Add Another” button to the left of the main Submit button.
You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:
Here you will see a confirmation of the previous item listed, and have the option to copy your details from the previous listing.
Once your listing is live it works like a discussion thread on the main forums. People may post to ask questions or discuss the item with you, or they may use the Send a PM button and contact your directly.
You may bump your listing once every 24 hours (your listing will show you how long you have before you may bump it), and when you have completed your transaction or wish to no longer list an item, click the “Close Listing” button to remove the listing from the open listings view. Those links are located in the yellow box at the top of the listing:
The Edit Details link will allow you to edit the listing information.
Once you have completed your transaction on the Trading Post, you can leave feedback for the person you purchased from.  You can reach the feedback ratings in a couple of ways, you can navigate to the member’s profile and click on the feedback rating under their avatar:
You may also find this option under their avatar in their posts in the Trading Post.  You can also find the link on the main listing page and click on the rating link from the front page:
Once you navigate to the feedback page, by clicking the “Leave feedback” button, you will be able to rate the transaction and leave comments.
Feedback can be as detailed or as general as you wish. You will have the option to post both public and private comments to the person you interacted with.  Public comments appear on the Member’s Profile.
After you have completed your feedback, you will have to agree to the rules and certify that the information you are providing is correct and complete.
And that’s it!  We hope you will use the Trading Post often, and Happy Trading!

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