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cynthia and meA much belated shout-out to our webmama, Cynthia Mosher, who did a wicked good (as my friend Wendy used to say) job of heading up the recent migration of the old Mothering web site—which entailed moving thousands and thousands of pages—to our new and improved home.

Cynthia, who lives in Saudi Arabia, seemingly never sleeps, is available for us at all hours (of her day and ours, even though she’s 10 hours ahead of us). She’s always there, patient and good-humored. She seems to know how to fix anything that could possibly go wrong online and manages to make me laugh on a regular basis, even when she’s under a ridiculous amount of stress—as she often is. We’d be lost without her.

Kudos, Cynthia, for all you do! Thumbs up on a job well done!

Photo: I was out of town when Cynthia came to Santa Fe in 2007 to meet with the MotheringDotCommunity board administrators. Since I couldn’t be there to meet her but wanted her to feel welcome, I left a cutout of myself in my chair with a speech bubble that said “Hi, Cynthia!” She shot this photo and left it for me to discover upon my return.

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