The quick and dirty guide to tagging

The quick and dirty guide to tagging

One of the most powerful tools we have at Mothering is our tagging system. With this system we can tag threads and images with topics and items.  Each tag added helps bring up more related content.  Didn’t find an answer in one thread? Check the tags and related content! When you create a thread, tagging helps insure that the most people possible will see it, and you will get the best feedback. 
Tagging is very easy!  Most of our forums are set to have tags to select upon posting a thread.  These are broad topics, and usually relate to the forum’s topic. But don’t stop there!
Types of tags

There are Topic tags, which are used to group a specific topic together, such as Attachment Parenting. There are Brand tags, which group threads and items about a brand together, such as Ergo Baby.  There are Item tags, which link to a specific item such as the BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier .  And there are Category tags, which group together threads, products and reviews about a specific category of items such as Babywearing.

How to tag
In the right hand sidebar there is a tag entry field. It looks like this:


Directly below the entry field is what the thread has already been tagged with:


As you can see this thread has been tagged with several topics already.  The green tag above the item will say “Topic”, “Item”, “Brand”, etc.  Here’s an example with items and brands tagged:

Simply start typing in the text entry field and it will bring up a list of possible tags.


If the tag has already been added it will say “Added: Gentle Discipline” 

Click the plus sign on the left to add:



If you add one by mistake, hover over the tag where the plus sign was. It will now be an X. Just click to remove. It will ask if you are sure before it gets removed.
And you’re done! The thread has been tagged and the related content will be brought up in the sidebar. 
What else can I do with tags?
You can click on the tag name in the list of tags and be taken to a page where all the images, threads and articles tagged with that tag are listed. This is a great way to dig deeper into a topic or look for more reviews of products in threads.
What if you don’t see a tag that fits?
Let me know! This thread in Site Help and Feedback is the place to let me know about tags you think we should have. Post there and let us know what we should add!


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