The Right Livelihood Awards Recognizes Ina May Gaskin

The Right Livelihood Awards, which gives four awards every year to put the spotlight on solutions to global wrongs, recognizes Ina May Gaskin (USA) “for her whole-life’s work teaching and advocating safe, woman-centred childbirth methods that best promote the physical and mental health of mother and child.”

From Right Livelihood’s site:

Ina May Gaskin has been called “the most famous midwife in the world.” A pioneer in a millennium-old profession on the brink of extinction in her country, she combines scientific evidence and analysis with her own broad experience in exercising natural medicine. Ina May Gaskin is a role model for midwives who still dare to think in different paths, trying to implement more humane obstetrics in their countries, and providing women with the chance to choose the way of giving birth that seems right for them.

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Melanie Mayo-Laakso


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