The Safety Rock: A Special Tool for Teaching Children to Meditate

A series of life events inspired Azin Lazzuli to create The Safety Rock, a book that teaches children to meditate with stones specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties.

Azin recalls picking up rocks from the ground as a child and setting intentions with them. She remembers requesting they keep her safe as she held them in her tiny hands. Many years later, she worked in a subacute psychiatric unit with children, several of whom were experiencing extreme trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Pulling from her background in yoga and meditation, Azin would sit with these children through difficult times and teach them breathing practices to feel grounded in their bodies. Observing how this simple, yet powerful, activity worked led her to write and illustrate mental health books for children featuring mindfulness, body awareness, and positive psychology.

The meditation practice in the Safety Rock is inspired by elements of yoga nidra, a guided meditation encouraging scanning and relaxing all areas of the body and mind. Azin believes it is essential to teach this skill at a young age so children do not grow up feeling as if they need to escape their life and minds. Azin describes The Safety Rock as a way to address mental health and allow children to grow with their emotions. It is a transitional object that helps children make the emotional transition from dependence to independence.

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Azin has received significant positive feedback about how The Safety Rock has helped little ones with sleep training, anxiety, and separation anxiety. She has received stories from parents telling her that their children take their Safety Rock with them to school every day to reduce separation anxiety and school-related stressors. 

Each Safety Rock stone was chosen for the beneficial properties it posses. The original Safety Rock is Yellow Aventurine, a stone perfect for pairing with the theme of a warm, golden light flowing into different areas of the body in the book. This stone has grounding properties as well.

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My own son has recently become interested in the benefits that stones have to offer. As I expected, he took to his Safey Rock right away. He squeezes his stone tight when we read the story together and he keeps it near his bed, just in case he has a bad dream. It’s been sweet to witness him visiting his Safety Rock to give it a squeeze throughout the day.

Azin plans to release new Safety Rock stones in the months ahead. Her wish is that each special stone will give children everywhere confidence and courage throughout their journey in life.


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