The Secret Garden

I received this beautiful email from a dear friend recently and she has been gracious enough to allow me to share her words with all of you.  While I am admittedly a huge Secret Garden fan, and just about anything referencing it makes me ridiculously happy (anybody read The Forgotten Garden?), her words touched me deeply.

Of the many gifts of motherhood, one of my favourite discoveries has been the depth of friendship possible when we speak openly about our journey.  The walls we so carefully build for ourselves are clambered over, dismantled, broken down time and time again by beloved friends who know that the really good stuff – the places we need to be nourished & grow – is found behind the walls…

I share this with you as a reminder of the secret garden within each of us, and am wishing you a year of nurturing the garden within.

Many blessings,   Sarah

And now…I share with you these words of wisdom from my dear friend Chantell.  To read more of her poetry, visit her blog Pond Ripples:

I am currently beaming midwinter sun straight into each of your hearts.

A secret garden is there in each of you.

The old stone walls are just low enough to allow the winter sun to climb over their tops, while still keeping your courtyard peaceful and unseen.

There are small, beautifully shaped holes worked into the walls to let in many beams of yellow light… dozens of small winter suns shining through to your centre.  And yet the wind is cut, the air is still, and every shifting of something living becomes a song to your ears.

Frost climbs stems from frozen soil and moss, ragged spiderwebs hang between trunks.  Leaves of earth-brown, blood-red, and lion-coat gold curl everywhere.  There are even a few green ones left.  If you look carefully along the north wall where things stay warmer, you will find a humble rose still showing the edges of her tender inner petals.

Worn stones of marble, granite, quartz, and sandstone form a spiral from the outer wall to the centre of your heart garden, and there sits the most magical thing of all.  A reflecting pool rests silent in its silky white marble basin.  The many fingers of solstice sun touch the water with respect and reverence.  The water’s surface gleams in response like the eye of an owl on fire… gently.

Thank you for being you.  You are my Yule gifts, and there is no greater gift than the company and care of heart-friends.


Mama Renew

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