The Wheel: Who Are The Spokes That Keep You Rolling?


An image has come to me of a wheel. You are in the center and the spokes extend out to make the wheel. The wheel turns and carries the cart which is your family. If the wheels can’t spin, then the cart falls.

At the point where each spoke connects to the wheel, there is bright light that extends to the center of the wheel where your heart is. The spokes of the wheel can be health, wealth, creativity, education, service and the sacred. Interspersed are spokes that represent your support system: grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, family-friends, god-parents, neighbors, a nanny, a teacher, a coach, colleagues, other moms, and other families.

Review your personal wheel and visualize the spokes touching the wheel. On which spokes does the light shine brightly? Close your eyes and breath love and appreciation into those stars of light. Review the wheel again and identify where the light may be dim. Open your eyes and think about  which spokes you want to strengthen the connection? Which of the above listed relationships exist but need attention and fortification? If some of the relationships listed are not options, can you strengthen another spoke instead?

If your cart is rolling along beautifully, and you are stopping for picnics along the way, maybe now is the time to remember that you are a spoke in someone else’s wheel and they may need a lift.

If your cart is wobbly and dragging, it might be time to call on the spokes of your wheel and ask for help. Generosity feeds the giver. Helping gives life meaning. Being a humble receiver is sometimes necessary.

May your wheel carry you on your most favored path with peace of mind, body and heart.

And, a personal thank you to the spokes on my wheel.




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