This Badass Breastfeeder’s Post Went Viral Year Ago, But People Still Sharing

A year later, this photo is still getting clicks and shares on Facebook.

A year ago, a proud breastfeeding mama shared a photo breastfeeding her son at a supermarket. The caption? A poem that pretty much says, “If you don’t like what you see, I don’t give a $***.” The photo is still getting clicks and shares on Facebook.

Posted April 28, 2016, the photo is still up on Facebook, and people are still clicking, liking and sharing it. Right now, Whitney Renee Huntwork’s Facebook post has 108 comments and 138,083 shares, but who knows how many it’ll have by the time you read this. Unapologetic (and rightly so), Whitney is pictured proudly breastfeeding her little guy in the aisle of a supermarket — boob out, head held high. Go mama!

screen-shot-2017-05-12-at-2-55-59-pmThe caption reads:

Anytime. Anywhere. You can stare, I don’t care. I’ll feed my hungry child, here or there, if you don’t like my boob I still don’t care. A Restaurant? A store? It’s boob juice galore! A theater? A museum? But your more focused on trying to see them! Bottle or boob Its all just food. You still think I should cover? You should run and tell your mother. Pull out your phone and take a picture? But I’m the one who’s the problem? Don’t you wish we could all mind our business? That would sure solve them! Think I am disgusting? I could say the same? Think I am playing an attention seeking game? You are wrong because you see, really I am only worried about the comfort of my baby and me! 

– Sincerely Whitney, the badass breastfeeder & her badass son fueled by purely boob juice.

Whitney, we couldn’t agree more!

11 thoughts on “This Badass Breastfeeder’s Post Went Viral Year Ago, But People Still Sharing”

  1. I salute breast feeding mamas, I used to be one. However I don’t agree with using the word”boob”. I think it is more dignified to use the word breast, breast feeding, not boob feeding. I don’t want my boys calling that part of the female body, boobs. Just my opinion but please consider using the word “breast”. Thank you.

  2. There isn’t a problem breastfeeding in public but there is a right way and a wrong way to do so. The way you are shopping in a supermarket displaying your breast to show people, ” look at me, I’m breastfeeding,” and, you have a negative attitude on your part to begin with truly says a lot about the way you are portraying yourself and not necessarily doing it in the comformt of you baby. First of all, your shopping, secondly the baby is nursing in an uncomfortable way to begin with. You should, definitely, cater to your child’s needs but you might consider doing it covered up, discretely while holding the baby in your arms to comfort and make him feel warm and safe. Right off the bat, you have a negative attitude and displaying yourself to everyone by breastfeeding in public like it or not, I don’t care, frankly I do give a damb. But, in essence, you should care and have more respect for yourself and know that there is a proper ettitique and dignified way of doing it in public knowing that there are families, children, and men who take it in a very sexual manner rather than a nuturing way you come across. You need to take the time first of all to feed your baby, then go shopping, then you can burp him afterwards, possibly change his diaper, and let him cuddle in your arms because maybe he’d like to take a nap and, he might need some bonding time with you, as well. So think about your actions and have a caring a motherly outlook on life. I hope you think twice before you embarrass yourself and other mom’s in your position.
    Concerned mom of two children who are happy and healthy. Educate yourself and learn what’s right and wrong with common sense, intuition, and self awareness.

    1. You really are a real Mama… theres a lot of “you must/need to” and “do this and that”.

      Who are you to judge whats right and wrong and to tell anybody what to do? Its not you… it’s your inner voice keeping you away from You, your inner soul, and making you become a marionette of society.

      With this attitude and mindset you only create those cultural prisons that this women wants to get rid of.

      You really didnt get the point of her post…

      so heres your homework: go meditate on freedom, tolerance, acceptance, unconditional Love

  3. I don’t care what anyone says this is disgusting. Why not pump before you leave and when he is hungry stop and take the time to feed him or her. Just like you would if they had a dirty diaper. Or would you let him sit in poop. I would not like my husband seeing this. What has it come too walking around naked in public. You should be ashamed bad ass. How is your son going too feel when he gets older and finds out his bad ass mom breastfeed him with her Brest hanging out for all the world to see while he sucks on it. Grow up woman. From another bad ass mom who would never ever do this !!!

    1. It only takes a few minutes to change a diaper. OTOH, a tiny baby may want to nurse for 45 minutes or longer. And pumping is even less efficient than breastfeeding.

      Before I had a kid, I thought I would only breastfeed in a modest way. After a few months of breastfeeding, I realized this was way too difficult and energy intensive. As soon as she could move her arms, she firmly pushed any bottles or covers out of the way, as if to say, “Cover my head in this heat? No way Mom! What’s with that bottle? Nanas are right there, and milk is better straight from my mama.”

      After a while I gave up, and decided that my baby mattered more than a bunch of silly adults anyway. And really, if you’re flipping out over the care & feeding of a small child, maybe it’s time to rethink your priorities. And a solid marriage is not going to be affected by a flash of boob.

  4. That picture is so adorable! All he wants is his Mommy’s boob to suckle on because it makes him feel better and safe and fed and happy. It is so cute!

  5. There IS a way to publicly nurse a child without having to cover a baby’s head (which is seemingly everyone’s complaint) and yet modestly not show your whole breast to the whole world. SIMPLY lift up your shirt instead of pulling down your shirt. Baby’s body typically covers mama’s stomach and breast is not fully exposed. I was a nursing mama to four kiddos and never felt the need to show this much skin.

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