This no-cook tomato sauce is rocking my world!

Francis Lam’s 5-Minute Summer Tomato Pasta Recipe

Thank you, Francis Lam, for revolutionizing my idea of tomato “sauce” in the summertime.

One less burner going…one less pot to wash…so perfect for this season. It’s a lycopene bonanza.

We made it for the second time this week last night. I used some heirloom tomatoes, which made it even more divine, plus fresh basil as part of the greens layer, and about 1/4 cup of pignole nuts, rough-chopped and mixed in at the end. Instead of letting the pasta sit on top of the whole deal for 2 minutes, I upped it to five minutes. And kind of chopped up the pasta (DeBoles Spaghetti made with Jerusalem Artichoke Flour) a bit so that I could mix it more evenly.

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3 thoughts on “This no-cook tomato sauce is rocking my world!”

  1. Love the flash-salting idea. I know people should generally use as little salt as possible, but I’m hopeless when it comes to tomatoes – they just don’t taste the same without it:)

  2. I love no cook tomato sauce. And pesto too, which is almost the same thing but green and without tomatoes and … okay, so it’s not at all the same…

  3. I have been reading more and more that the low salt thing is a blanket statement–a lot of people are fine with a good amount of salt. My blood came back from a test recently, and it showed that I have lower than average salt showing up–and I do not hold back when it comes to salting my food. You might be one of the lucky ones, too! –Candace

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