This Squirming, Kicking, Kvetching, Smiling Baby is Driving me Crazy!

At almost eight and a half months old, Leone is all squirming all the time.

Holding her when she’s trying to get somewhere (which is almost always) is like wrestling an octopus underwater with olive oil on your hands.

A lot of babies her age have been crawling for months. Not Leone. But in the last few days she’s almost managed to heave her heavy self forward in a crawl-like manner.

When you plop her down with some toys she doesn’t stay still. She rotates. Or scoots. Or twists. Or does something. This invariably moves her towards the only available choking hazard outside her reach, which she then manages to pop in her mouth, looking up with tightly clamped jaws and a self-satisfied expression.

Wherever she goes and however she gets there, she always moves away from any object designed to entertain a baby. Maybe it’s time to give away the baby toys. Empty toilet paper rolls are way more interesting.

She likes to stand but she can’t quite pull herself to standing yet. She heaves and grunts and pulls with all her might, gets part way up, and plops down again. Then she shrieks until someone helps her.

“Leone always gets her way,” Hesperus sighs, almost envious. “She just screams loud enough until she gets what she wants.”

But these days Leone doesn’t always know what she wants.

Pick me up! Squirm squirm squirm. Put me down! No, not in a sitting position. I want to stand and I want you to hold me! Shriek shriek. I want to be on my bottom. No I don’t. Kvetch kvetch. I don’t want you to pick me up. Cry cry cry. Oh! The back carrier. It’s cozy on mama’s back. Pat. Pat. Pat. I’ll just rest my head her for a minute and then–zzzzz.

Sometimes a girl needs a nap. But beware the parent who tries to put her down after she falls asleep.

If only I could figure out how to carry her on my back and take a nap at the same time.

Who me? I'm not squirmy. I never cry or kvetch. You must be thinking of some other baby.

Who me? I’m not squirmy. I never cry or kvetch. You must be thinking of some other baby.

Why is Big Brother screaming? And why can't I get this fluffy stuff off his head? Life can be so perplexing when you're eight months old

Why is Big Brother screaming? And why can’t I get this fluffy stuff off his head? Life can be so perplexing when you’re eight months old

I love babies and of course I adore Leone but this transitional squirmy stage is honestly trying my patience and making me feel like a bad mom (for being so impatient.) I find myself thinking, she used to be so easy going, and then feeling guilty for thinking that. Readers, tell me honestly, have your babies (or the babies in your care) ever driven you crazy?

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21 thoughts on “This Squirming, Kicking, Kvetching, Smiling Baby is Driving me Crazy!”

  1. My demanding CAT drives me completely mad, so I’ve no idea how you do it with your brood. You are an awesome mom.
    .-= Frugal Kiwi´s last blog ..Suckers- =-.

  2. I remember those squirmy days. I always worried that I would drop her. Ended up changing her diapers while she was on the floor and with my forearm over her chest to hold her steady. But leone and your entire family are just gorgeous.

  3. Oy! Reminds me of how when my girls were babies I couldn’t WAIT until they were old enough to crawl. But once they were mobile, I missed the days when I could put them down and they’d stay where I left them!

  4. Sorry Jennifer, it has never happened to me not, unless meanwhile my son was a baby. He was a very, very , very good boy. I had some problems when he was four or five. And them i felt really bad for get ungry and mad with him. That is a very bad feeling, you feel the worst person in the world, but thanks that after that time all pass.

  5. My daughter is 7 months old and can drive me crazy on a daily basis! But I don’t feel bad about it, babies can be difficult, especially on lack of sleep. And usually five minutes later they do something so cute that you can’t believe how much you love the little bugger!

  6. When my husband came home yesterday I actually said “here, hold this” referring to the baby. Isn’t that awful! Especially because she really is a particularly mellow baby. I think I was just tired.

    You are doing great Jennifer! It is so hard to stay patient with the ones that need us the most.

  7. I think all babies drive you nuts at some point. I always felt that mine just didn’t like being babies – they wanted to walk, talk, crawl, and do everything they couldn’t and were just plain mad that they weren’t able to yet.

  8. I’m just amazed it’s taken 8 1/2 months…..that would have been some kind of “I’m not being driven completely insane” record for me. Of course, having three in 18 months doesn’t really help with the crazy quotient. I just think it’s wonderful that your fourth will have her first year so well documented!

  9. The transitional stages really do drive me crazy. Where they KNOW what they want, and they can ALMOST get it, but not quite. So there is Much Dissatisfaction and very little sleep and pretty much all you can do is wait it out. We’re there with talking right now with my 23-month-old. He’s trying to talk, he really is, but I don’t understand. These developmental leaps are amazing, but they’re also a total pain in the neck.
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Life Crafting Role Models- Jeanette =-.

  10. My baby is 6 months today.

    He can drive me a little crazy with his new nursing “routine” He goes: I want to nurse. Nurse. What’s that over there? Why isn’t there a nipple in my mouth? I am hungry! Nurse. Is that a little person walking by? Check him out. Nurse. Check him out again. Nurse. Who is talking? Why isn’t there a nipple in my mouth? Nurse. Oh! Someone is talking again!

    The “ow” factor on my breasts makes me a little annoyed. But, it is true that one little thing can forgive a baby. Even just a squeeze of a nice fat baby thigh:)

  11. My daughter started acting this way around 6 months or so, and is still doing some of it now at 11 months. She has an ear-splitting screech that comes on so suddenly it scares us, and my brother nicknamed her “the pterodactyl.” When she doesn’t want me to put her down she straightens her legs out and leans back. She naps in my arms. She fell asleep while nursing at my mom’s house yesterday, and my mom asked “why don’t you put her down?” Duh. She’d wake up. Then not only would I still have my hands full, I’d also have a terribly cranky baby who missed her nap. She looks so angry when she wakes up and realizes I’m trying to put her down. I don’t know why she’s like this, but every phase is temporary, so I have that to hold onto. Before my little one was mobile, I put her down and cleaned and accomplished things. I was on the ball and I hope to be one day again. I feel bad too for my impatience, but a mom’s got to have a little time to get things done and it’s hard to get screamed at when you’re doing your best!

  12. I do remember not being able to put my son down after a nap, and my arms being drenched in sweat from holding him! But now he (3) sleeps in his own room, with just a couple minutes of “mommy-milk” to lull him to sleep. I actually get to wake up in my own bed!

    I know I had hard days/weeks . . . but I hardly remember them, which I don’t think is a bad thing.

    One suggestion on getting her to crawl – put some carpet on a board, and prop it up on an angle (my boss suggested this to her DIL, I haven’t actually done it), and put your daughter on the top. The gravity will help encourage her to go down the ramp, and should help her to learn to crawl.

    God bless, and enjoy these moments, hard as they are sometimes. 🙂 I’m pregnant again and looking forward to going through it all over again!

  13. I’m there with you! My baby is also 8.5 months and is the squirmiest thing! She also tends to grab and pinch – not deliberately, but she’s holding on to things quite firmly as she learns to stand on her own. Very tenacious. Her personality is really coming out now – I also see her do these cries of frustration, not really upset but wanting us to know exactly how she feels. But also these huge beams of delight as she masters all her skills and realizes how much she can do.

    Anyway – I know what you are going through!
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Water Safety =-.

  14. sounds like my daughter. she is usually super happy unless she doesn’t get what she wants FAST ENOUGH. She’s scream at the fridge “MILK MILK” but if you have to clean the sippy cup first she throws it when you give it to her because she’s so mad that it took so long. I usually pick the sippy cup up in the most calm voice i can manage saying “oh, i guess you didn’t want milk after all.” put it back in the fridge then when she yells “MILK MILK” again I take right out and she’s happy because she got it right when she asked this time.

  15. My 14-month-old (my youngest) is going through stage that is both clingy and squirmy. He wants to be held, but more specifically, he wants to bounce on my stomach and then climb up my torso to see out the window behind our couch. If I put him down, he yells, but if I don’t want to play “mommy is a trampoline” he sulks. He also dislikes the baby carrier.

  16. My 14-month old has been repeating the same word (“baby?”) over and over again for the past week. When will it ever stop? Aaaaagh!

  17. I can relate with Sarah and myralou. My baby is 2mo. and she sometimes drives me crazy when she’s nursing. I usually nurse her upright in my Moby wrap. Sometimes after she’s eating she’ll doze off to sleep and her head will start to bob backwards. When I pull the fabric up over her head to keep it stable, she’ll get all upset that something is over her head! After I take it down and she falls back to sleep, her head bobs again. I’m just trying to protect her neck, but no. She won’t have any part of it! =)
    .-= Chante@My Natural Motherhood Journey´s last blog ..Jul 16- Unassisted Childbirth =-.

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