This Squirming, Kicking, Kvetching, Smiling Baby is Driving me Crazy!

At almost eight and a half months old, Leone is all squirming all the time.

Holding her when she’s trying to get somewhere (which is almost always) is like wrestling an octopus underwater with olive oil on your hands.

A lot of babies her age have been crawling for months. Not Leone. But in the last few days she’s almost managed to heave her heavy self forward in a crawl-like manner.

When you plop her down with some toys she doesn’t stay still. She rotates. Or scoots. Or twists. Or does something. This invariably moves her towards the only available choking hazard outside her reach, which she then manages to pop in her mouth, looking up with tightly clamped jaws and a self-satisfied expression.

Wherever she goes and however she gets there, she always moves away from any object designed to entertain a baby. Maybe it’s time to give away the baby toys. Empty toilet paper rolls are way more interesting.

She likes to stand but she can’t quite pull herself to standing yet. She heaves and grunts and pulls with all her might, gets part way up, and plops down again. Then she shrieks until someone helps her.

“Leone always gets her way,” Hesperus sighs, almost envious. “She just screams loud enough until she gets what she wants.”

But these days Leone doesn’t always know what she wants.

Pick me up! Squirm squirm squirm. Put me down! No, not in a sitting position. I want to stand and I want you to hold me! Shriek shriek. I want to be on my bottom. No I don’t. Kvetch kvetch. I don’t want you to pick me up. Cry cry cry. Oh! The back carrier. It’s cozy on mama’s back. Pat. Pat. Pat. I’ll just rest my head her for a minute and then–zzzzz.

Sometimes a girl needs a nap. But beware the parent who tries to put her down after she falls asleep.

If only I could figure out how to carry her on my back and take a nap at the same time.

Who me? I'm not squirmy. I never cry or kvetch. You must be thinking of some other baby.

Who me? I’m not squirmy. I never cry or kvetch. You must be thinking of some other baby.

Why is Big Brother screaming? And why can't I get this fluffy stuff off his head? Life can be so perplexing when you're eight months old

Why is Big Brother screaming? And why can’t I get this fluffy stuff off his head? Life can be so perplexing when you’re eight months old

I love babies and of course I adore Leone but this transitional squirmy stage is honestly trying my patience and making me feel like a bad mom (for being so impatient.) I find myself thinking, she used to be so easy going, and then feeling guilty for thinking that. Readers, tell me honestly, have your babies (or the babies in your care) ever driven you crazy?

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