This Woman-Owned Business Has Gorgeous Gear for Your Nursery

Trend Lab is one of our favorite places to turn to for such an occasion!

News of a baby coming instantly puts us in ‘nesting’ mode! Dreams of precious spaces and accessories dance in front of our heads, and send us into frantic searches for baby gear, blankets and decor. Trend Lab is one of our favorite places to turn to for such an occasion!

Based in Minnesota, Trend Lab is certified as a women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). More, they’re mamas who know how to provide stylish nursery decor and bedding, as well as organizers to help you stay sane!

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They have licensing partnerships with Waverly, Dr. Seuss and Paddington Bear, and we love that they specialize in collaborating with mom-vendors (moms who invent!) products that blow our minds. They like to deliver safe, quality and creative products and do so through many channels online, in-stores and in darling little boutiques. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Santa Maria Plush Baby Blanket

This Trend Lab Maria Blanket is plush and colorful
These bright colors combine with the most soft blankie to give your little a glorious burst of cheer whereever she or he goes! This one will be your child’s favorite!

2. Galaxy 3-Piece Crib Bedding SetThis crib bedding set by Trend Lab is out of this world!

We love that manufacturers and retailers are finally paying attention to research about not having bumpers in cribs. This bedding set gives you an adorable look without compromising safe sleeping (although experts advise against blankets in cribs, but draping as they suggest puts a nice touch on a put-together nursery). This Galaxy set was recently released and will remind your little one they are out of this world!

3. New Plush ToysThese plush toys are sure to be hits for your little's lovies

I’m a sucker for monkeys! My first son’s nursery was monkey themed because he was such a little monkey in my tummy! So I just adore this new monkey plush toy, which is also available in a giraffe, elephant and another one of my faves, a fabulous flamingo! They’re soft and snuggly with some trendy chevrons!

4. Plush Animal Chairs

These snuggly chairs make the best reading buddies!

Now, seriously. If you don’t go goo-goo over these magical chairs, I don’t know why! I mean, your little one gets to be snuggled by a unicorn? Come on! These chairs come in several adorable options (that walrus!) and will be favorites for your children as reading nooks and buddies!

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5. Wall ClocksThis Trend Lab Wall clock is sure to have you telling time in a fun way!

Now, Baby may not be able to tell time, but you sure can (we predict it’s around 3:00 am!), and trust us, it’s way more fun to tell time with their expansive line of wall clocks to match so many nursery themes. Middle-of-the-night feedings with Thing 1 & Thing 2? Yes, yes, we think that’ll do!

6. Storage CaddyThis Trend Lab diaper caddy makes diaper changes a breeze!

On-the-go diaper changes just got so.much.easier! How often do you find yourself thinking, “Darnit! The wipes are in the other room?” If like me, I wished I had a mini-diaper station in just about every room and my car. Voila. Problem solved with this lightweight caddy full of fabulous, usable space. Transports easily with all you need, wherever you are (or going!).

7. Paddington Bear BlankiePaddinton Bear Blankies will be a hit for your little to snuggle up in!

Oh, how saddened we were to hear of Paddington Bear’s creator Michael Bond passing just recently! The beloved friend can live on forever, though, in this comfy cozy blanket that has bear ‘paws’ for snuggling with! Perfect for reading all about the sweet bear’s adventures!

8. Burp Cloth Boxed SetThis gender neutral burp cloth set makes a great shower gift!

Who says burp cloths have to sacrifice form for function? We don’t! These gender neutral burp cloths are soft and durable, and we love the fun and modern prints. They have soft terry on one side for absorption and are sure to be any mom’s must-reach for!

9. CribWrapCribWrap by TrendLab Protects your baby from wood poisoning and the furniture from bite marks!

This is one of those mama-invented products that fits the ‘necessity is the mother of all invention,’ saying! No more teeth marks on the crib railing for your little, and no more concern about baby ingesting any wood or toxins from the crib. The sherpa fleece is super soft and the wrap has waterproof backing. Wraps and ties easily, but stays put so your little can nibble away with no worry

10. Canvas Growth Charts

This Dr. Seuss growth chart keeps track of how your little grows!These years go by quickly, and it seems like they literally grow overnight. We are a military family, moving often, so this portable growth chart goes wherever we are and measures all his height changes. Talk about all the places baby will grow!

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