Tick by Athena

5-year-old Athena with the stray puppy we rescued in Niamey

5-year-old Athena with the stray puppy we rescued in Niamey

Earlier this week we we’ve been talking about how dogs are treated in Niger, and before that about whether or not our family of six should have a dog. Athena, my 9-year-old wrote a story about the dog we rescued in Niger when we were living there from 2006-2007.

Here’s Athena’s story:

One day, when I was six years old and in Africa, my mom and I were walking to school. I saw a dog lying in the street. She looked up when she saw us, and thumped her tail on the ground. She had sandy brown fur, and a big scar on her side. People in Niger don’t like dogs and throw stones at them. I thought this was one of those abused dogs. I petted her, then kept on walking.

When my mom came to pick me up, she told me there was a surprise at home. I raced home, and when I got there, the dog I saw was at our house.

We spent that evening pulling ticks out of her ears. That’s why my big sister named her Tick. She was scared of us at first, but after awhile she would jump on us every time we came outside. Then one day she went outside and didn’t come back. Every day from then on I left a dog treat under the gate. It almost always disappeared.

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4 thoughts on “Tick by Athena”

  1. If any family could handle a dog, it is your family of six. Athena, especially, with her kind and loving heart, would be the perfect dog owner.

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