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We’re on day #10 of the Back to Self 30 day Challenge! If you’re just joining us now, it’s not too late – simply “Like” our facebook page and join in the fun.

Today’s challenge?   It’s Mama Time.

No kids, no chores, no work.

Your goal:

Schedule a 3 hour retreat for yourself within the next week.

It must be scheduled, or it likely won’t happen!

What will you do?

by Chantey Dayal

by Chantey Dayal

The artist knows he must be alone to create; the writer to work out his thoughts; the musician to compose; the saint to pray. And women need solitude in order to find again the true essence of themselves.” – Anne Morrow Lindberg, Gift From The Sea

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Sarah Juliusson, founder of Mama Renew, is a gifted facilitator and writer on the journey of birth & motherhood. She brings two decades of experience supporting families through pregnancy, birth and motherhood to her work. Sarah is mother to two growing boys, a playful crafter with cloth & wool, student of traditional food preservation, and a diva at heart. Join the conversation on http://www.mamarenew.ca & on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mamarenew

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