Time to Go Back to Self!

It’s fall, and there is that crisp, fresh, anything is possible feeling in the air.  Fall feels like a commitment to me – a threshold – a time when I feel an immense freedom and sense of choice.

At the same time I’ve just emerged from a busy summer full of health challenges.  The back to school transition has been smooth, but still a big adjustment as we learn all over again how to do the routine.  We still have a mountain of zucchini to preserve and haven’t even touched the apples yet.  My work to-do list is daunting at best. Even with the new hours of freedom while the boys are at school, I find myself wondering how on earth to make time for it all.

To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)

There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)

And a time for every purpose….

-The Byrds…

Hold on – a time for every purpose?  I will admit that with everything going on this fall my normal tendency would be to put self-care on the back burner.

Something is different this year.  My sense of fall overwhelm is overshadowed by the awareness that I cannot move forward in a healthy way with all of my commitments without first making a commitment to myself.

Thus… the 30 day Back to Self Challenge!

I challenge you do something every single day to nurture your own return to self.

Keep it simple & manageable – 15 minutes of reading a good novel, 5 minutes of morning yoga, or drinking enough water in a day.

You can keep us up to date on your Back to Self challenge here on the Mothering blog, as well as on our facebook page with musings on my experience and the nature of commitment to self.   Please join me!

What will you do for yourself today?



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