Tiny Cold, Big Solution: How Homeopathy Can Help During Cold Season

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by Chelsea Vurciaga


It’s amazing how people in the same family can be so different. Growing up, my cousin and I never seemed to have anything in common. I was more into Hip-Hop, she was more into Country. I love Mexican food, she thinks it’s too spicy. In fact, we didn’t seem to see eye-to-eye on anything. Thus, when we had kids it became immediately clear that we had vastly different parenting styles. At family functions we would talk carefully about our viewpoints as they never seemed to align. That is why I was surprised to get a call out of the blue from her one day concerning her daughter.
“What is that stuff you use without all the chemicals for babies with colds?” she said.
I could tell in her voice that she was reaching that stage of frustration when your child is suffering and you want an immediate answer. It turns out that her daughter’s nose had been running all day and she had already called her Pediatrician.
“Hyland’s Tiny Cold Tablets,” I said.
It was a recommendation that came from a lifetime of experience. For as long as I can remember (literally) I have used Hyland’s products. My mom was a true trail blazer when it came to natural health. Back thirty years ago, shopping at a health food store was definitely the exception, but it was important to my mom to buy wholesome natural and organic products for her kids. Despite the teasing she got from my extended family, each week she would drive an hour each way to shop at the only health food store around. This is where she first discovered Hyland’s products.
Even before I became a parent, I was always interested in natural remedies: a humidifier in the room, sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running to help clear congestion, sponge baths for fever, warm ginger lemon honey drink.   In addition to these, I reach for Hyland’s for my own son. It was exciting to me that natural health options were so much more readily available than when I was a kid. Now instead of finding that one obscure health food store in the next town, there are natural options at just about every store. Eventually because everyone knew how I was raised, I became the go-to mom for natural health questions.
Recently, a slew of friends have all had babies at once and I’ve been happy to introduce them to the Hyland’s baby line – or, as I like to call it, “the parent relief line.” Just like my cousin, my friends are surprised to learn that there are safe and effective products designed just for babies. The best part is that now my cousin and I finally have something in common. And to think that after all these years it only took one little cold to do it.
About Chelsea Vurciaga
Chelsea is a natural living expert, marketing consultant and TV contributor. She was born in Boulder, CO and started studying with healers and natural living advocates when she was 13-years-old. After graduating from University of Colorado, Boulder she decided to pursue a career promoting natural products and over the last decade has consulted with numerous high-profile brands. She is a mom to an amazing son, Clayton, and enjoys going on adventures with him in her spare time. She can be reached at Chelsea@cresultsgroup.com.
How have YOU used natural remedies to help during cold and flu season?  Tell us in the comments, and use this coupon from Hyland’s to try out Chelsea’s solution for yourself.




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