Top 10 Car Seats for Extended Rear Facing

Extended rear facing is easier when you have the right seat.Experts recommend that children rear face until a minimum of two-years-old, but not all car seats are created equal. Extended rear facing is easier when you have the right seat.

Here are ten great choices for car seats.

1. Graco Extend2Fit

If you’re worried about your extra-tall child, the Extend2Fit offers a four-position leg rest extension to use for rear facing! This feature is unique. You can use the Extend2Fit to rear face from 4 to 50 pounds and until 49 inches tall.

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2. Britax ClickTight Convertible

Britax is a well-known, trust-worthy company. Chances of your baby outgrowing the ClickTight is slim, with a height limit of 49”. The rear-facing weight limit is 5 to 40lbs.

3. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85

The 85 does have a lower rear-facing height limit of 40 inches, which may not be enough. The rear-facing weight range is 9 to 40lbs. Maxi-Cosi is made in the USA.

4. Graco 4Ever All-in-One

Graco is, without a doubt, the most popular car seat brand on the market. The 4Ever allows children to rear face from 4 to 40lbs and until they are 49” tall. There are two reclining positions for rear-facing.

5. Diono Rainier

Diono upgraded their Radian to have a higher weight limit. Chances are your child will outgrow the height before the weight limit. You can use it to rear-face from 5 to 50lbs and up to 44 inches tall. You must keep 1.5 inches of shell above his head.

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6. Graco MySize 65

The next choice is by Graco, and it is budget-friendly. You can use it for children to rear-face from 4 to 40lbs and up to 49inches tall. It features eight height positions.

7. Chicco NextFit Convertible

Chicco is a fantastic brand! The NextFit rear faces from 5 to 40lbs with a 49 inches tall. A unique feature to the NextFit is that there are nine recline positions, giving your baby a comfortable position as he grows.

8. Evenflo Tribute

If you are on a major budget, most of the car seats so far probably are out of your price range. The Evenflo Tribute is under $100, making it affordable for most. It features a rear-facing weight range from 5 to 40lbs and 40 inches tall.

9. Clek Fllo 2017

On the other hand, those with a very high budget could afford the Clek Fllo. The rear-facing weight range is 14 to 50 pounds with a 43-inch height limit.

10. Diono Radian RXT All-in-One

The last car seat option is a Diono Radian. It allows parents to rear-face from 5 to 45lbs and 44 inches tall. Diono also features 12 adjustable height positions, and lets parents fold it flat for storage.

Do you have a favorite car seat for extended rear facing? Let us know your favorite!

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