Top 20 Favorites: Mothering’s Natural Toy Guide 2012


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Ping Pong Catapult


Why We Love It: This naturally made catapult might be simply designed but it is super sturdy, powerful and so much fun! Any child will adore shooting off the included ping pong balls or other small items from around the house to see where they land. Set up a target for a little challenge. Made in Oregon, USA. 


Price:  $23.95


Where to Buy: Peapods



Hobby Horse and Hobby Unicorn


Why We Love It: These beautiful, hand stitched hobby-horses took my breath away when I first saw them. Tiny and sturdy, they are made of recycled, up-cycled material. The unicorn comes in shades of purple, pink and mauve with button eyes and yarn hair. The horse has an owl print with blue, green and yellow hair. Many color and pattern choices are available.


Price: $42.00


Where to Buy: Manely Recycled





Bamboletta Doll


Why We Love It: This is a stunning one of a kind doll handcrafted with cotton knit, locally sourced wool, and various types of yarn. Her hair is made of wool, mohair, silk and sparkly bits. Each doll is named and comes with adoption papers as well as the story of how the doll was made and by whom. A truly charming and unique gift. 


Price: $250


Where to Buy: Bamboletta






Tea Time Set


Why We Love It: This whimiscal tea set is made made from sustainably harvested wood by Plan Toys. Includes two place settings: teapot, sugar bowl, milk pitcher, 2 tea cups, 2 saucers, 2 tea spoons, 2 tea bags, and 2 cubes of sugar for realistic tea parties.


Price: $25.00


Where to Buy: Rosie Hippo



Tegu Dart


Why We Love It: Tegu has one of the coolest natural toy items on the market with its magnetic wooden block sets–now this special Dart combo is putting a whole new twist on the fun! Everything you need to make this sleek car, from the cool topper to the stylish wheels, is included. Plus, you can take it apart and easily dream up other magnetic creations. Tegu is not only an eco-friendly company it is also socially conscious. Check out their mission to positively impact the Honduran community they work in.


Price: $38.00


Where to Buy: Tegu


Child’s 5 String Banjo


Why We Love It: This fully functional banjo will take music play to a new level. Small children will adore simply strumming the strings and singing along while older kids can learn songs from the included song booklet. It is a great way to introduce a child to this instrument. Beautifully made of sustainable maple in the USA. 


Price: $74.95


Where to Buy: Down to Earth Toys




Sweetpea Doll


Why We Love It: If you’re looking for a doll that will give your child the experience of holding a real baby, this one is perfect. The doll is weighted with millet and stuffed with wool to give it a realistically heavy feel that little kids with delight in. The cotton velour outfit holds warmth next to the body increasing the feeling that they are caring for a real little friend or sibling. Handmade by a WAHM in the USA. 


Price: $100


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





Seesawing Hairys


Why We Love It: This exceptional, hand crafted pull toy brings a smile to your face. The two Hairy Brothers each go up and down and swing around on the seesaw as the toy is pulled. Made in USA.


Price: $25.00


Where to Buy: Real Wooden Toys






Four Elements Building Blocks


Why We Love It: This colorful set can be used as a puzzle or as blocks. The original shapes put a whole new spin on homemade block towers and castles. With endless possible arrangements the kids will find all sort of uses for this delightful toy.


Price: $129.95


Where to Buy: Rosie Hippo






Doodletown Wooden Vehicles 


Why We Love It: These cute little vehicles are handmade in Minnesota from sustainable pine and are priced right! Choose from a tractor, helicopter, airplane, car, train, bus, or bulldozer for tons of imaginative fun. 


Price: $6.99


Where to Buy: Peapods





Doll House Play Platform


Why We Love It: This well thought out doll house and base lets the imagination run wild. Children can take the various included sections and arrange them any number of ways to create a doll house, castle or fairy realm that is entirely their own! Since it is made of sturdy birch plywood it is sure to hold up to years of play. 


Price: $80.00


Where to Buy: Beka





Fagus Combifix Bus


Why We Love It: This is one of those toys you always wanted to have. The unique Fagus plug-in system allows multiple playing options. Non-toxic water-based paint. Beautifully designed and made of beech wood in a German workshop for the handicapped.


Price: $62.00


Where to Buy: The Wooden Wagon



Gentle Colors Rainbow Silk


Why We Love It: What’s not to love about play silks! This one is huge–a full 9 feet in length. It is beautifully hand-dyed in the USA to create a soft, elegant silk perfect for forts, dress up, ball tosses, backdrops, tea parties, picnics and so much more.The possibilities for play are endless. 


Price: $59.95 (other sizes and prices available)


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden


ASL Alphabet Blocks


Why We Love It: These heirloom quality ASL blocks are perfect for those teaching ASL based baby sign language. The three woods used in construction are beautiful and finished with natural, non-toxic oils. The letters and signs are on opposite sides of the blocks and are clear and legible and the blocks have smooth edges with slightly rounded corners. Built out of FSC certified hardwoods in WI, USA. A tree is planted for every toy sold.


Price: $45.00


Where to Buy: Little Sapling Toys





Wooden Toy Sewing Machine


Why We Love It: This beautiful sewing machine, custom-crafted of white pine, has a moveable hand wheel, and a spool that carries thread to a needle that bobs up and down. 11.5” X 4” X 10”.


Price: $39.95


Where to Buy: Bella Luna Toys






Sarah’s Silks Play Silks


Why We Love It: These 35″ play silks can be used for any number of fun adventures around the house. They easily become a cape or skirt in dress up, a colorful backdrop for a puppet show or a flowing flag on top of an impromptu fort. Dyed in the USA. 


Price: $14.95 (each)


Where to Buy: Sarah’s Silks




Buttercup the Ballerina


Why We Love It: This adorable little doll will inspire the imagination of any child who loves music and dance. Her pink tulle tutu is complimented with white tights, a pink shirt and a sparkled flower headband. Comes with a wooden ballet barre that allows her to plie, eleve or practice whatever positions she wants.


Price: $22.00


Where to Buy: Once Upon a Tree House



Stockmar Block Crayons


Why We Love It: These safe beeswax crayons feature brilliant, realistic colors that will make little drawings come alive. The fat, rectangular size is just right for small children who can easily break stick crayons. Less frustration and more fun! 


Price:  $13.95 (8 crayons) or $23.95 (16 crayons) 


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden




Big Top


Why We Love It: This is a unique twist on the classic spinning top toy. The substantial wooden top seems to spin forever. Kids will have a great time trying it out on different surfaces, and even lifting it mid-spin, while the high-quality, simple construction ensures it will endure many years of play. Consider this an ideal pick for a stocking stuffer that will entertain and delight.


Price: $24.00


Where to Buy: Nova Natural





Plush Hammer Rattle


Why We Love It: What a great rattle!! Both my babies like to hit things with their rattles, and this just insures that the cat doesn’t get bonked with something hard! It is a great shape for waving and “hammering” and the rattle is nice and loud. The shape also gives the baby interesting bits to chew on, which is a big pastime right now. The fabrics are very colorful and seem very durable. The rattle itself is well padded. We really like the different print options.


Price: $9.00


Where to Buy: Little Demoura Designs





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