Top Picks for 2015: Mothering Natural Toy Guide

As always, the choice wasn’t easy, but we’ve finally settled on our very best toy picks for 2015! These toys stood out for their unique quality and exceptional value. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

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Image of: Kennebunkport Cottage

Kennebunkport Cottage

When we first saw this doll house, all we could say was “wow!” Inspired by the majestic Atlantic ocean town of Kennebunkport, this is the doll house every child has ever dreamed of. Made in Maine by a master toymaker, it features three floors of buttery smooth pine or hardwood and is finished with natural Danish oil. The ‘Cottage’ includes a variety of beautifully laid out rooms to let your child’s imagination soar, including a movable partition on the first floor. The house stands 33″ tall, meaning each floor has plenty of space for furniture, dolls and play. The quality of the doll house is second to none, with thick and heavy walls, floors and a roof. It will certainly last for many, many years to come, even with heavy play. Add on gorgeous balconies with lighthouse themed railings to extend the fun and bring home the feeling of coastal living.



Image of: Mama and Baby Waldorf Doll

Mama and Baby Waldorf Doll

If you’re looking for that special doll this holiday, this one is definitely worth a look. Not only is it handmade in Germany of organic cotton and wool, the darling mama is holding a baby in a sling! What a special way to celebrate the beauty of babywearing. Plus, this doll is just a delight to hold. Her hair is so soft it feels real, and her clothes are beautifully made. Sure to last for years.

Image of: Silk Parachute

Silk Parachute

Send your little dolls and action figures flying with this beautifully designed silk parachute. Whether kiddos are dropping the parachute from up high or simply tossing it in the air by the ribbon, this imaginative toy will give everyone a thrill — and we love how it doesn’t tangle!

Image of: Wooden Animals

Wooden Animals

Offered by Elves and Angles, these brilliant, hand carved wooden animals are made in Europe. The detailed creatures are whimsically carved from local woods and finished naturally. The detailing is realistic and bright and the carving is soft and rounded, making them perfect for even little hands. A large variety of highly detailed gorgeous animals is available and each is completely unique and special in its own way. Check out their site to view all of the options.

Image of: Walking Hedgehog

Walking Hedgehog

This is one of the most unique toys we had a chance to review this year. Place the beautifully painted hedgehog on her ramp and watch her walk down it! Surprisingly fun for kids and adults alike. This is also the perfect toy to place on a playroom shelf to add a bit of whimsy.

Image of: Man in the Moon Pentatonic Lyre

Man in the Moon Pentatonic Lyre

An age-old instrument, the lyre produces a magical sound. This example, from Zither Heaven, can be used by a child or an adult for serious study or simple play. High quality USA construction from sustainably sourced solid cherry. Also includes a pick, song book and tuning wrench.


Image of: Dewdrop Washable Doll

Dewdrop Washable Doll

This buttery soft 13” baby doll stands out from the crowd with a feature every parent is sure to love, it’s machine washable! Carefully handmade in California, the head is made with 100% cotton and the body a cotton-blend velour. Eye, hair, skin and body colors are customizable. Great price for a truly special friend.

Image of: Rainbow Jump Rope

Rainbow Jump Rope

This jump rope is downright gorgeous and would make an amazing stocking stuffer. It’s made in the USA with natural cotton rope, water-base dyes and sustainable birch wood.


Image of: Abbie's Kitchen Deluxe

Abbie’s Kitchen Deluxe

Is you’re in search of a high quality wooden kitchen, you’re going to want to put this one at the top of your list! Handmade in Maine by a talented toymaker, Elves and Angels creations are the highest quality we have ever seen. This timeless kitchen has everything a real kitchen has, with a faucet and sink, stovetop with knobs and even an oven, storage cabinet and a shelf. It’s just the right height for kids ages 2-6 when standing, or for older kids if they kneel. We especially love the fact that the storage cabinet is perfect for tucking away food, dishes and more. The price is great for this level of quality as well, especially considering you can expect this toy to last for many, many years.


Image of: Gigi the Giraffe

Gigi the Giraffe

This little friend is so soft and lovable, even the littlest babies will love Gigi’s dangly legs and funny face. Made from organic Egyptian cotton, fair trade from Egypt.

Image of: The Velveteen Rabbit Plush Toy and Book

The Velveteen Rabbit Plush Toy and Book

The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic, it’s sweet and simple tale endures through generations. This wonderful pairing includes the story along with a Velveteen Rabbit that was handmade in Europe and stuffed with wool. Perfect.

Image of: Wooden Toy Fishing Poll and Fish Game

Wooden Toy Fishing Pole and Fish Game

More than a game, small children will thrill in pretending that they’re catching the ‘big one’ all on their own. The magnetic fish easily latches onto the line and will work under water too!

Image of: Prime Climb

Prime Climb

Bring the joy of math home with this truly unique game from Math 4 Love. Prime Climb brilliantly teaches advanced math concepts during a thrilling game that kids and adults will enjoy. Best for kiddos 8+, but we played it successfully withe 5-year-old and he loved it! What a great idea.

Image of: Large Tool Box

Large Tool Box

This high-quality collection features a thoughtful array of real wood and metal tools which are fully functional and yet designed specifically for children. The set includes all the tools a little builder or woodworker might need to learn real carpentry skills, while gaining confidence and a lasting love of woodworking.


Image of: Solvej Baby-Toddler Swing

Solvej Baby-Toddler Swing

Crafted in New Zealand, this gorgeous baby and toddler swing is worth every penny. It’s designed for ages 6 months+ and will hold up to 88 pounds, which means your child will be using it for years to come. The materials and design are top notch so you know it will last — and look great too.

Image of: Botanist Case

Botanist Case

This kit makes it easy for kids to take a leap into the world of botany. The handy, lightweight case contains a magnifying glass, pretty boxes for holding specimens, a natural wood flower press and handy journal for a quick sketch or note in the field. Great gift for a budding scientist.

Image of: Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck

Kids are sure to discover hours of exciting play with this heavy-duty wooden garbage (or recycling) truck that’s built to last. The truck includes a four person crew and two collection bins, features a knob above the cab for easy steering and a nifty lift for emptying the cans. Thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Germany from beechwood.

Image of: Tilly the Cat

Tilly the Cat

Tilly is soft and ever so cute with her red and white stripes. She is ready to make her entrance on any winter holiday. Made from organic Egyptian cotton and stuffed with organic cotton filling, she’s sure to be a favorite fair trade friend.

Image of: Lap Loom

Lap Loom

This portable, hardwood loom makes it easy to share the amazing art of weaving. Great for an older child who loves to craft, this loom kit comes with everything needed to create a beautiful wool tapestry. Handmade in New Hampshire, this is a quality crafting tool that will last.


Image of: Construction Vehicles

Construction Vehicles

We’ve never played with a Green Toy we didn’t love and these are no different. This collection of construction vehicles is perfectly sized for a toddler or preschooler, is bright and colorful, and super duper durable. Choose from the mixer, dump truck or bulldozer.

Image of: Bright Eyes Waldorf Doll Making Kit

Bright Eyes Waldorf Doll Making Kit

There is nothing more special than a sweet baby doll, handmade by a loved one, or by the child themselves. This inspired kit comes with everything needed to create a 12” doll, including organic cotton fabric, plenty of wool stuffing and natural fiber hair yarn. Suggested for kids 13+ but would a be great activity for younger child with adult help or a parent who wants to create something truly unique this holiday. Choose from a variety of skin, hair and clothing colors.


Image of: Bobble-Heads


If you’re looking for a truly unique handmade toy that provides simple, old fashioned fun, then you’ll love these bobble-heads. Pull the string and watch their funny heads bob up and down and turn. Delightful. Handmade in the USA.

Image of: Cage Shape Sorter

Cage Shape Sorter

This versatile shape sorter will help little ones learn their colors and shapes, plus it rolls easily across the floor for added fun. Built to last in Vermont from maple hardwood, the twelve brightly colored shapes are colored with water-based stains. Add the optional hardwood carriage to transform the sorter into an awesome push toy.

Image of: Sitara Collections Handmade Stuffed Bunny

Sitara Collections Handmade Stuffed Bunny

Hand-knitted from alpaca yarn, this lovable bunny features unique colors, a sweet little face and is ever so soft. Made by women artisans in Peru, the purchase of this fair trade item helps empower women and promotes economic growth in their communities.


Rainbow Nesting Stacker

This is one of the most beautiful toys we had a chance to review this year. Gorgeously handmade in the US, this rainbow stacker is a truly versatile building toy. You won’t believe the uses your child will find for it!

About the Mothering Toy Guide

The Mothering Natural Toy Guide is a collection of the highest quality natural toys and gifts available this holiday season! We’ve carefully selected each item based on its superior materials, uniqueness, ethical production, value and, of course, its fun-factor. Check out the items found in all guide categories here. Review items are sent to us free of charge by the company listed in the review and we choose to include only those that meet our very strict standards. After the review is complete, many of the reviewed toys are donated to children in need.

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