Toys for Imaginative Play | Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2013

Toys for Imaginative Play


Your Child’s Imagination is the Limit

Delicate fairy wings, delightful wooden kitchens, whimsical mobiles and more to spark the imagination of children of many ages. Don’t miss the other categories in this year’s guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.


Image of: Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy


Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Make bath time fun in a whole new way with this unique ferry boat with cars from Green Toys. All Green Toys are constructed from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs here in the USA so you can feel great about purchasing this item for your little one.


Image of: Rubber Band Racer

Rubber Band Racer

Wind this wooden car up and watch it zoom across the floor. Simple, high quality construction means this racer will be played with for many years to come. Solid wood. Great stocking stuffer that’s made in the USA.



Image of: Little Wooden Flatbed Truck


Little Wooden Flatbed Truck

Like it was made in Santa’s workshop! This great little push truck is constructed from birch, cherry and walnut and finished with beeswax. Just right for small hands learning to explore movement for the first time. Awesome price.



Image of: Snowstorm - A Co-operative Game


Snowstorm – A Co-operative Game

While most games focus on competition among players, this wonderful board game is instead centered on cooperative play. All players must work together to accomplish the game’s goal. Kids of all ages will really enjoy and thrive off of this concept. Surprisingly fun even for adults.



Image of: Wooden Fort Building Clips

Wooden Fort Building Clips

Do your kids love to build forts? Treat them to these fun and durable fort building clips. Easy to use for children of all ages, nearly impossible to break and big enough to clip onto all kinds of furniture.



Image of: Jenny's Wooden Kitchen


Jenny’s Wooden Kitchen

Just about every child wants to pretend to be mama or papa in the kitchen, and this brilliant toy is just the perfect thing to make their dreams a reality. Standing more than 30″ tall it features a metal sink with faucet, realistic burners and knobs, an oven with a real door and a storage cupboard. The construction is truly excellent — it will be sure to last and last. You definitely can’t beat the price either.



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David’s Single Playstand with Canopy

Your child’s imagination is the limit with these versatile playstands from Elves and Angels. Made from locally-milled hardwood right here in the US, these playstands will last forever. Two can be combined (as in the image above) to create a magical environment for having a tea party, playing house, dressing up dolls, serving up snacks, reading or any number of other activities. Or they can also used alone or with the creative store shelves seen in the single playstand photo and found here.


Image of: YOXObot Orig


YOXObot Orig

This is by far one of the coolest toys to hit the market in a long while. Everything you need to create a 17″ tall robot, or a seemingly endless array of other inventions, are included in the box. Designed to get kids building in seconds, just pair the smartly designed YOXO links and cores with everyday household items and your kids will be recycling old cereal boxes and toilet paper tubes into spaceships and fairy houses in no time. Recycled and recyclable content, soy-based inks and water-based coating make this toy a truly eco-friendly option at an outstanding price. Made in the USA.



Image of: Clarence the Clown


Clarence the Clown

Like all of the items from Real Wooden Toys, Clarence the Clown will capture your heart the second you hang him from your ceiling. Absolutely perfect for any child’s room, or for a whimsical addition to any area of your house, the old-fashioned design and construction will give you joy day after day. Gently pull the cord on Clarence to watch him fly. Other varieties available.



Image of: Levi the Ladder Climber


Levi the Ladder Climber

Another inspired creation from Real Wooden Toys! Just place little Levi at the top of his wooden ladder and he’ll make everyone shout for joy as he climbs down on his very own. Or, hold both sides of the ladder in your hands and gently tip back and forth to watch this little man climb up and down, up and down. Both fun to play with and great to look at, you won’t want to miss this toy at such a great price.



Image of: Wooden Stilts


Wooden Stilts

Give your child the joy of simple fun from times past with these lightweight and sturdy stilts. With three levels of available height, kids can master their walk before increasing the challenge. These stilts definitely take some practice and determination to learn to use though, so keep that in mind. Better for older kids.


Image of: Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera

Unique, delightful design and super quality construction! What more needs to be said. Your kiddo with have tons of fun pretending to shoot photos with this realistic wooden camera. Solids wood and personalization available.



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Silk Fairy Wings

Dyed and sewn in the USA, these silk wings will make any child feel like a real fairy. The colors are brilliant and the construction is good. Loops and ties to keep the wings in place.



Image of: Secret Decoder Disk


Secret Decoder Disk

Creating secret messages is one of the greatest joys of childhood–and this delightfully designed disk adds an extra element of fun and mystery. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage kids to practice their writing skills. Great USA wooden construction.



Image of: Sylvie's Wood Kitchen


Sylvie’s Wood Kitchen

If you’re looking for a more elaborate and decorative kitchen than our previously featured Jenny’s Kitchen from Elves and Angels (that we love!) you’ll want to check out this gorgeous option. Wider and taller than most kids’ kitchens, this one will delight for many years to come. Same high quality construction as in all the products made by Elves and Angels.


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Build-a-Bouquet Playset

Another unique toy that will provide hours of fun from Green Toys. Stack and arrange the colorful flowers in a seemingly endless array of designs. All Green Toys are made from recycled milk jugs right here in the US so you can feel great about your purchase!