Trust Birth conference: Sarah Buckley keynote

Lisa Barrett and Gloria Lemay


I’m excited looking forward to Sarah Buckley’s keynote talk this morning here in Nashville, about oxytocin, or as she calls it, “Liquid Love.” It’s been fun getting here a little early (arrived Tuesday evening to teach my all-day pre-conference workshop yesterday based on my book Parenting for Peace)… and meeting lots of new and fabulous folks from the worldwide field of midwifery. Have already heard a few chilling tales worthy of Orwell of the harassment that can be visited upon birth attendants who actually trust birth, over dinner in the restaurant with Aussies Lisa Barrett and Claire Hall.

Looking forward to attending renowned midwifery educator Gloria Lemay’s session tomorrow on induction, with a particular focus on both Pitocin and Cytotec. (I hear she’s not only a fabulous teacher, but wonderfully funny as well.)

I happen to have a cousin here in Nashville, who gave me a great tour of the city yesterday, and how delightful was it to return “home” (room 908, that is, my temporary home I’m sharing with midwife and neonatal resuscitation instructor par excellence Karen Strange) after dinner to find Sarah Buckley hanging out and discussing the details of cord blood and the importance of delayed clamping with Karen. Just your normal midwifery conference chit-chat!

I’m the author of “Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers,” and also the adoption expert on Mothering’s expert panel. I write and speak around the world on prenatal, child and parent development, and I have a private practice coaching parents-in-progress. I raised two humans, earned a doctorate, and lived to report back. On the wings of my new book I’m delighted to be speaking at many wonderful conferences all over the world in the coming months, and I’m happy to be sharing dispatches and inside glimpses with you here on!

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