Trying Out the New Boppy Baby Chair

Our partnership with The Boppy Company — who we also worked together with last year to review their new Two-Sided Nursing Pillow — brought together seven Mavens with babies between who all had the opportunity to try out the new Boppy Baby Chair.  We asked the Mavens all about the Boppy Baby Chair — what they liked and didn’t like about it, how it compared to other chairs they used, and whether or not they found it useful.  6 of the 7 testers said they would “Absolutely” or “Probably” recommend the Boppy Chair to another mom with a baby older than 4 months.  And, for these Mavens, they actually got the chance to do exactly that: each Maven was sent an EXTRA chair to give to a relative, friend or neighbor with a baby!

This article contains unedited reviews from Mothering Community members who received the Boppy Baby Chair at no cost from Boppy for the sake of providing honest feedback and reviews.

First Impressions: Easy to clean and gender-neutral

Using a high chair isn’t always glamorous – they can be hard to clean and difficult to use.  The Mavens were first and foremost impressed with how easy it was for them to clean off the Boppy Chair – even when baby had made quite a mess.

Cynthiamoon said, “The first time it got horribly messy, I found it very easy to clean. During meals, I wipe it down periodically to keep it from getting crusty. This time, I just sprayed Charlie’s on it, let it sit, and then wiped it off. It’s so small, it’s not unwieldy in the kitchen sink.”

Rf1170 was grateful for the easy-to-clean material that covers the chair when she put it to its first test: a baby with an egg yolk!  “It came off the chair pretty easily, and the baby, but we’ll see about the bib and his shirt,” she said, and provided the accompanying picture as proof (left).

Several of our Mavens found that the look of the chair was a perfect fit for their home. PokeyAC said, “It’s very cute… The colors are also neutral enough to look good in my home without being too bright.”

With so many baby products designed for one gender or another, a few of the Mavens liked that the Boppy chair didn’t make you choose between pink and blue.  “I loved the gender neutral colors,” Cynthiamoon said.

Out of the house usefulness

According to several of our Mavens, one of the most useful parts of the Boppy Baby Chair is its portability.  Most high chairs are too big, bulky or complicated to take out of the house.  Several of the Mavens talked about the benefits of taking the Boppy Chair to restaurants.  “I know he is sitting in a clean chair and it is easy to set up and transport,” InLove2009 said.

“I would use this chair in restaurants because it is much more secure and comfortable than the high chairs they have,” PokeyAC added.  “Our baby does not like the high chairs they have, and he liked the Boppy chair better.”

Safe, easy to use and comfortable

When it comes down to it though, it doesn’t matter how portable or easy to clean a chair is if you and your baby just aren’t going to use it.  Our Mavens tried the Boppy Baby Chair out in a variety of ways – as a standard high chair and as a seat on the floor – and found that it was easy to use.

“I like the buckle a lot, it is easy to use for adults but not so much for little fingers, and doesn’t seem likely to pinch,” somegirl99 said.  She reported that her 6 month old, Penny, seemed to like it pretty well too.

“It was nice to have my son sit closer to the table with us. It is very easy to get him in and out of the chair one handed,” InLove2009 added.

And when it comes to safety and comfort for baby, our Mavens were pleased with the Boppy Chair. Rf1170 told us: “It certainly seems safe and comfortable for Oliver.”

Jillgayle added that it also served a wider array of purposes than a general high chair or other seat. “It’s great for sitting baby in it while I’m in the shower or he’s bored with his play mat.”

Multi-functional and great to have around

After a few weeks of testing to see how the Boppy Baby Chair fit into their lives (both at home and away) a few of our Mavens let us know that they not only would recommend the chair to others, but that Boppy Chair had taken over for other chairs they’d used previously.

“Personally, I love the chair, and it’s [now] our only highchair at home,” rf1170 said.  “I’d definitely recommend it to someone else, especially if they don’t want to keep a bigger highchair around.”

“We put [our other high chair] away now and are only using the Boppy Chair,” InLove2009 told us.

A message from Boppy:

The new Boppy® Baby Chair was designed to go from floor seat to table seat. The Boppy Baby Chair passes all US safety standards and includes a three-point harness for baby and chair attachment straps. Folds down for easy storage and portability.  Soft, wipeable fabric makes cleaning a snap.  One chair for all your needs!  See more at the Boppy website.



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