Trying Out the New Ergobaby Swaddler

Ergobaby Swaddler

Sleep.  Every newborn needs it, and new moms don’t seem to be getting enough of it.  Skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding and babywearing are a huge part of calming, bonding and closeness in the early days with a new baby, and swaddling is another way to calm babies, which might help new parents catch a few extra Z’s.


Ergobaby has long been a favorite babywearing brand among Mothering moms, and this week they’re launching an exciting new product to help make correct swaddling easier – the Ergobaby Swaddler.  The key to swaddling is for it to be tight around the arms but loose around the legs.   Several of our Mothering Mavens with newborns got the chance to try out the Swaddler before it arrived in stores.  All of the Mavens had babies younger than three months and weighing less than 12 pounds at the time they received the Swaddler.  They tried it out for a week and reported back to us in a private focus group.

Ergobaby Swaddler

First Impressions


The first impression our Mavens noticed when they opened up their new Swaddler were the premium materials.  Devon said, “It was incredibly soft and had an excellent amount of stretch in it, which I think was comforting to my baby… I think she felt like she was being hugged.” Lisathena mentioned that the Swaddler is “not only soft, but is also light enough to keep baby cool even in the summer.”


In a sentiment echoed by almost all of the Mavens, PhilsBabyMama reported, “I love that the velcro on the Ergobaby Swaddler is very soft and not only can it not hurt the baby (which is most important) but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when it rubs against my skin when I’m holding him in the Swaddler.” First time mom Kimble mentioned that the soft fastener “makes less noise and is much softer than normal velcro, so I am less worried about waking my baby up.”


But does it help them sleep?


Our Mavens quickly discovered that some babies enjoy being swaddled when they sleep, and others don’t — it’s not for every baby.  But for those Mavens whose babies enjoyed being swaddled, the Swaddler provided a great option to help them get the swaddling done right.


Some of the unique features of the Swaddler, as opposed to normal blankets, helped the Mavens discover how well their baby responded to being swaddled.Ergobaby Swaddler


Devon is particularly happy that her baby is staying swaddled – and staying asleep – when they use the Ergobaby Swaddler.  She said, “We’ve been using it consistently now for over a week and he is in love with it, as am I!  I am consistently getting a good 6-7 hour stretch which had not been happening before, and he is not breaking out of it.” Devon also noted, “It was interesting to me because all of the other swaddlers I have seen/used swaddle their arms straight down by their side, whereas this ends up having their arms kind of bent and up by their face more.  I thought that was an interesting change to the other swaddles and my little guy seems to prefer that.”


Several of the Mavens also said their babies sleep better or longer when they use the Swaddler, compared to other swaddling blankets or non-swaddled sleep.  Lynann mentioned, “My little girl was getting her arms out of the other swaddlers/blankets by 2 weeks old and never escaped from this one due to the arm pockets. Since the arms are the big issue with the startle reflex causing them to wake back up, the Ergobaby Swaddler definitely helped us get more sleep.”


Lisedea, a brand new mom of triplets, noticed that her three sons each have different reactions to swaddling, and that the design of the Swaddler made her babies feel more comfortable while also impacting her nursing relationship positively.  “I love that the arms are up near their chest so that they can be fed without it affecting their sucking,” she said.  “I also like the fact that the babies’ legs are in sacks as opposed to being wrapped tight–they seem more comfortable with that extra room.”


Thanks so much to Ergobaby for sharing the Swaddler with us, and to our Mavens for participating!



A Message From Ergobaby

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Introducing the Ergobaby Swaddler – the safe, easy and effective way to keep your baby sleeping longer and more peacefully. The healthy hip positioner keeps your baby’s hips and legs in the correct ergonomic position.  The arm pockets ensure the natural fetal “hands to heart” placement and keep your baby’s arms securely in place so they don’t startle awake. There’s even a leg pouch to provide easy access for diaper changes. The Ergobaby Swaddler is made of soft, breathable 100% cotton knit terry.  Visit for more information

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