Trying Times

When we were (almost) ready to start a family, Ron and I went through trying-but-not-trying times.

Then we moved on to actual trying times…

…which turned into TRYING times.

To cope with the frustration and grief of infertility, I wrote in my journal. In the past, journaling has helped me break through major life barriers (like when I went through a major career change), and it’s helping me now as Ron and I figure out our next step. Writing is an outlet to express my fears, worries, confusion, and hopes. But journaling is just one type art therapy. I’ve often wanted to branch out to pictures by keeping an art journal. Yet I catch myself thinking, “I can’t draw! Or paint! Or color!”

I’m going to try it anyway. Ron is heading to Arizona on business soon, and I’m tagging along. The hotel where he is staying is an activity-oriented place, with nature trails, and hikes, and–lo and behold–an art therapy class. Watercolor. Last time I painted with watercolors I was in Brownies. My final product was so ugly I cried. My little Brownie friends felt bad for me, so when we all entered the contest, my troop was supportive and cast a lot of votes in my favor (aww…thanks girls). Anyway, this time around (27 years later), I’ll focus on expressing my feelings on the page in whatever way that may be, and I won’t worry about whether it looks “right.”

What types of art do you enjoy? Do you find art therapeutic?

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