Turn Up the Romance With These 5 Budget-Friendly Dates

Here are some fun (and affordable) date ideas.Romance doesn’t always come easy, especially when you’re expanding your family and keeping up with the bills. But if you want to keep your relationship alive, you must spend time with your partner — without the kids. Here are some fun (and affordable) date ideas.

My husband and I have lived on a budget for years. As we continue to add little humans to our family, pinching and spreading pennies has become a way of life. However, adding extra children to the mix also means my husband and I have to work extra hard at spending one-on-one time together. Lucky for us, we have family members who are willing to babysit whenever we need (even though some of our best nights are spent in the house when our kids are tucked in bed).

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If we do decide to go out, we make sure we do it on the cheap. These are some of our favorite date ideas:

1. Go Fishing

Are you outdoorsy? If so, fishing makes for a great date. The cost of the date is a few snacks and drinks, along with some bait.

2. Coffee Date

Coffee lovers unite! Chances are you have a few coffee shops nearby. Get a cup of your favorite hot drink and a donut. Spend an hour chatting and people watching. The purpose of your date night is to reconnect and be together.

3. Geocache

Geocaching is for beginners as well! We recently started geocaching as a family, but it is a great date night. Young kids struggle to focus on finding the harder hidden caches. Check out Geocaching’s website, where you can see all of the ones in your area. Pick one and head out with your partner. It is free, fun, and gets you outside!

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4. Picnic at a Park

Picnics are fun and romantic. Pack up your favorite dinner. If you have some extra money, you can get take out from a local restaurant. Pick a different park or your old favorite standby. Spread out a blanket, eat dinner and talk.

5. Take a Class Together

Your local library is a wonderful source of learning. Chances are they have weekly classes on everything from beekeeping to cooking. You can also check out your local museums, art studios or fitness centers. Any class has the potential to be fun! If you are both artists, try a pottery class. If you both love to work out, try a new aerobics class.

Be creative! Remember, you go on date nights to spend time together and reconnect. Put those cell phones away and enjoy each other’s company. Phone calls and texts can wait (set a special ringtone for the babysitter)!

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