UK Combats Postpartum Depression with More Midwives

A new plan to reduce postpartum depression in the UK will grant every pregnant woman a midwife, The Guardian reported yesterday.


…the government has pledged to improve maternity care by ensuring women have one named midwife to oversee their care during pregnancy and after they have their baby, making sure every women has one-to-one midwife care and giving parents-to-be the choice over where and how they give birth.


The NHS will also be judged on how well it looks after parents who have miscarried, suffered a stillbirth or cot death, with patients asked to rate their care.


According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 10-15% of women who have a baby suffer from postnatal depression.


Read the article “Mothers to get ‘named midwife’ under plan to combat postnatal depression.”

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