I just spent the past 6 days at an advanced training in iRest/yoga nidra, a deeply transformational process of self-inquiry developed by Richard Miller.  Yoga nidra helps people get in touch with their sense of self, that self you already know but with a busy family life you forgot.  I discovered yoga nidra 6 years ago. For me it’s the ultimate therapy for mothers. Why? Because you do it while lying down and napping. A nap and self-inquiry? What could be better! (that’s why I’ve gotten trained in it and offer private and group yoga nidra sessions through The My Body Rocks Project).

Not only was the setting – in Tucson, Arizona – fabulous, I came away with great techniques to share with mothers for delving deeper into our body’s inner knowing. And the break from my kids, I must admit, was also nurturing, giving me a greater capacity to be present for them and for myself.

But as I sit here feeling all yummy from my yoga nidra, more in touch with my body and my inner knowing than I was 6 days ago, there is also a fear rising in me, one that was expressed by another mother in the training group on our last day together.

“How can I make sure my family – husband, kids, etc – doesn’t take this yummy feeling away from me?”

I don’t want anyone messing up my chi, that’s for sure. I know how hard it is as a mother to feel balanced when there is soccer practice, homework time, and Sunday School, not to mention a husband to be in relationship with.

But wait, I’m in my mind, a yoga nidra “no-no.” My story may be important, but real peace of mind, that discovering who I really am moment (Pure Being, as Richard Miller calls it) is through entry into my emotions, thoughts and beliefs in my body. Wisdom is in mybody, not my mind.

So, lying down, I ask my body: where do I feel it in my body when I think “My family will take away my yummy feeling?”

I feel it in my solar plexus.

Describe the feeling.

A weeping.

Can you say more about that?

It feels like a hole that’s full of sand and sinking in the ocean.

Is there an emotion attached to this feeling?


A color?

Brown with a black circle in the middle.

How do you feel when you say the opposite: “My family cannot take away my yummy feeling”?

Total sunshine. Like a light just turned on.

If it feels right to you, just go back and forth with these two statements: “My family can take away my yummy feeling” and “My family cannot take away my yummy feeling.”  How does that feel in your body?

Like neither is true.

Can you say more about that?

I have this sense that nobody can mess with my chi.

Can we stop for today? Anything else that needs to be acknowledged before we end?

Just one thing: yoga nidra rocks!

(and now… off to fold the laundry!)

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