UrthChild’s Wednesday Giveaway: Kate Quinn Organics Layette Set

Plum Bunny by Kate Quinn Organics Organic Layette Set

Everyone who knows Kate Quinn Organics…loves Kate Quinn Organics. And the mama behind UrthChild knows that you will absolutely LOVE Kate Quinn’s new organic layette collection called Plum Bunny. From UrthChild’s organic clothing department, today’s giveaway includes an organic layette set from Plum Bunny. You pick the color and size you want for the following three items:

Plum Bunny Long-Sleeve Henley Onesie

Plum Bunny Pointelle Sweatpants

Plum Bunny Pointelle Flight Cap
Plum Bunny Flight Cap
Plum Bunny Onesie and Sweatpants

Here’s how you enter to win:

1. Leave a comment below. Let us know your favorite item on the UrthChild site, OR if you did that yesterday, let us know what you look for when buying baby clothes for your baby or as a gift. While you’re over there, please do sign up for the Urth Child newsletter; enter your email address at the bottom of the homepage and click “submit.”

2. For a second chance to win, please go to UrthChild’s Facebook page and “Like” it. Then come back here, leave a second comment telling me that you did.

3. For a third chance to win, follow UrthChild on Twitter. Leave a 3rd comment to let me know you did.

If you already joined UrthChild’s Facebook page, followed them on Twitter, and signed up for their newsletter yesterday, feel free to leave comments stating that you did so : ).

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99 thoughts on “UrthChild’s Wednesday Giveaway: Kate Quinn Organics Layette Set”

  1. I love the wooden rattles! I had wanted one for my daughter but never got around to finding one I liked. Maybe the next baby I will have to remember this site!

  2. i like any baby clothing that is unique, well made, and is comfortable for my son. I love the style of the sweat pants…its all about the details!

  3. i too look for clothes that will accommodate a fluffy bum – so many clothes are made for disposables. i would also prefer that they are organic, and that they are soft. and child-like. i don’t like dressing my baby like a mini-adult!

  4. what i look for in baby clothes for my baby – if it is new, I would like it to be fair trade and/or organic, of course made of natural material, but I prefer to buy used clothes and gladly accept hand-me-downs, which comprise most of my son’s wardrobe.

  5. I look for soft, beautiful and muted colors that compliment the baby. Baby clothing doesn’t need to be loud, but soothing! This set is beautiful btw!

  6. My fave item? lol that’s so hard! kids clothes are adorable, I’ve always wanted to try needle felting and that penguin kit caught my eye, great wooden toys… and I have lots of babies to buy Christmas presents for, thanks for this opportunity!

  7. i like buying clothes that are clearanced i also make sure the tags are either sewn down to the inside or nonexistant. i don’t know why the tags are a big thing for me but they are…silly i know!

    i follow on twitter and i’ve liked you all on facebook!

  8. I look for hand me down or used quality clothes that are soft and comfortable for baby. These are beautiful and my baby and I would love them.

  9. I look for clothes that will be comfy for the baby, soft cotton, not a lot of unnecessary buckles or buttons or anything, a waist that is stretchy and not too tight.

  10. When looking for clothes for my baby I look for natural fibers, organic when possible, ease of use…both for dressing and diapering/ECing, and lastly, for non-engendering patterns/designs.

  11. I just *love* the Oeuf line. Especially the little bear hat with ears. 🙂 I’m about to have a new little one. My next oldest is 10 years old! I plan to mainly do minimal second hand and hand-me-downs, so new purchases for me must be very special and unique. Beautiful and organic are requirements.

  12. I always want to be sure that the clothes are soft and comfortable for the child. And or course, they should be adorable, too!

  13. Oops! My above comment should read “of course”. (I am typing this on my iPod while nursing my 5-month-old to sleep.). Oh, and I liked your facebook page yesterday:)

  14. I would love the set for my nephew and his wife who are expecting their second child in a couple of weeks! It would be wonderful to surprise them with such a beautiful gift for their precious newborn, especially so close to Christmas! My daughter and I love the quality of the Kate Quinn clothing and my 15 month old granddaughter looks so cute and comfy wearing it!

  15. since my nursling is cloth diapered a roomy seat is a must when shopping for clothing- love the options here!

    also i’m a new fan on Facebook!

  16. Oh this set is SOOO adorable!!! I am expecting surprise #4 this March — we’ve totally purged all our ‘baby clothes’ because we thought our now four year old was the last one!! (OOPS!!)

    Restocking the ‘stash’ is FUN, but pricey!!

    I just LOVE the aviator cap!! Too cute!! ;-D

  17. I look for affordable and long lasting clothes that are cute and simple, to let the beauty of the child shine through.

  18. These clothes are adorable. I always look for simple, nicely designed clothes, made of cotton or hemp, and comfy, easy for baby to move in, and that can fit over a cloth diaper. I also like clothes that you can get lots of wear out of for size (example: with cuffs that you can roll down as baby grows).

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