Vaccinating My New Baby

I have a healthy two month old and come from a family who strongly objects to today’s vaccines. My husband is a by the book kind of guy, and we are compromising in that I have agreed to vaccinate but want to delay most if not all until she is over 1 year old, and then space them out. I heard you have an alternate schedule, any suggestions for a new mom?

Yes – you can find my suggested schedules in The Vaccine Book.  If you are going to delay for a year, but your husband insists that you eventually start at least the most important ones, then I’d suggest you begin with PC and HIB (you can read about those in the book) – One dose of each around 12 months, then a second dose at 15 months. Those are the most important two starting at that age.  If you do them, and she handles them fine, and you want to then do others, ask me about it at that point.  If you don’t want to do these two vaccines, then there’s no reason to consider any others yet.

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