Vaccine Expert Offit Dodges Vaccine-Mercury Debate

New York, NY – Yesterday on MSNBC’s Connection: Coast-to-Coast,Dr. Paul Offit, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, declined to argue his case that mercury invaccines is safe. The one-hour segment featured Offit, along with Dr.Louis Cooper, former President of the AAP. Both requested not to debate journalist David Kirby, whose best-selling book Evidence of Harm demonstrates a growing body of evidence that mercury in vaccines and other products cause autism.  

Many wonder why pro-mercuryexperts, who tout thimerosal’s safety, continue to shy away from healthy questioning. Richard Copeland (Springfield, OH) grandparent of achild with autism says, “This is how people act when they havesomething to hide.”

More from Dr. Offit and Dr.Cooper:

–         Offit contradicted his earlier public statements that the rise in autismis real, citing the criteria for autism may have simply been“loosened.” Multiple studies conducted by UC Davis andPediatrics conclude the rise is real.
–          At a 2004meeting in Chapel Hill, NC, Offit suggested that something must behappening during pregnancy to cause autism, yet thimerosal is apost-natal toxin. A mother pointed out that thimerosal is also givenpre-natally via immunoglobulins such as RhoGAM. Offit replied,“[Thimerosal] shouldn’t have been in there.”
–          On MSNBC, Offit made reference to Swine-flu vaccines causing Guillain-Barre, anautoimmune disorder. In Chapel Hill, Offit claimed that “novaccine has ever caused an autoimmune disorder.” Many feel autismis autoimmune related.
–          On MSNBC, Offit discussed the “massive inadvertent mercury poisoning” in Iraq in the early 70’s, stating that pregnant Iraqi mothers who ate mercury-laden food had babies with mental retardation and seizure disorders, not autism. However, mental retardation and seizure disorders are sub-symptoms of autism, as well as hearing problems, digestive problems, kidney issues and other symptoms associated with the Iraqi poisoning.
–         Offit claimed it is “very simple” to do retrospective epidemiological studies; however, the CDC had to do their epidemiological study five times, one of which found a connection but was never released.
–          Offit said the epidemiological studies were “carefully performed.” Yet, in 2004 National Journal quoted Dr. Robert Davis admitting they allowed newborn babies into the inclusion criteria, even though newborns are too young to be diagnosed with autism.
–          Offit said that mercury (a neurotoxin) causing autism (a neurodevelopmental disorder) does not make biological sense. Yet, in October 2001, the IOM concluded that it was “biologically plausible.”
–          Dr. Cooper suggested the simultaneous increase between the rise in autism, now affecting 1 in 166 children, and vaccine-based thimerosal, is a mere “coincidence.” Many feel that autism, which was first diagnosed right around the same time thimerosal was introduced, is also a coincidence. Further, pro-mercury advocates feel that parental reports of their children’s immediate regression following a thimerosal-based vaccine, is also a coincidence.

Offit championed epidemiological studies which mainly work off numbers and statistics. Earlier in the segment, Kirby pointed out that major universities have performed peer-reviewed biological studies, a morepowerful indicator of causation. These studies suggest mercury-basedthimerosal causes autistic-like behaviors. The behavioral and medical symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning are virtually identical. To view these studies, please visit

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