Valentine Craft Ideas

So I was wandering around the arts and crafts store yesterday, trying to come up with a valentine craft for Honoree, my second grader. Last year, I thought we were pretty darn fancy with our valentines made out of paper doilies. Each kid got a wee heart-shaped eraser, too. But H. came home with an assortment of valentines and a bit of a long face. There was the felted valentine, the quilted valentine, the knitted valentine, the fired-ceramic valentine. I may be exaggerating a little bit, but…you get the picture. Normally I would say, “Hey, kid, we’re not getting into a competitive craft-off with the rest of your class.” But I actually do like to come up with fun creative projects (if I have five minutes to think about it), and so I vowed to give it a little more attention next time.

Fast forward to yesterday. Wandering the aisles. I didn’t want to purchase any foam sheets. What are they made out of? There was so much merchandising space taken up with foamy stuff. I guess it sells.

I don’t have a sewing machine. We’re not hand-sewing 19 anythings. Um…

I came across small square white glass mosaic tiles, red glass hearts with flat backs, and small round magnets. We glued them together: magnet, tile, red heart on top. Then H. rubber-stamped tracing paper with a heart stamp, using red ink–as simple wrapping paper. Cute, inexpensive, and we have lots of leftover white tiles and magnets for other crafting opportunities.
valentine magnets
valentine wraps {Wait a minute. Do they look like tampons, or what? Not so much in real life. It’s a scale thing. “And then mom sent me to school with tampon valentines for the whole class…”}

My friend Pat Chapman, an amazing assemblage artist, gave me another idea: cut lots of printed paper (mostly red and pink) into random small shapes. Glue it on card stock, in an overlapping way, and then cut hearts out of the card stock after it dries. Write your valentine message on the solid side.

My kindergardener, Nathaniel, would LOVE to cut up a bunch of paper. He is my in-house confetti factory…however, he and his classmates are each making one valentine craft and bringing it home. So I dodged a bullet there–I’ll save that idea for next year.

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