VBAC at Home or Hospital

After two beautiful vaginal births, my third child was born via in labor non-emergency C-section due to persistent frank breech. I am now 15 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I am excitedly planning for a VBAC delivery. Do you recommend that VBACs be performed in the hospital, or is homebirth a viable alternative? My uterus was close in two layers, and I know the chance of rupture is very small, but everyone I talk to says that I must deliver in the hospital. I would love your perspective on the matter.

Since you had two ‘beautiful vaginal births’ before having an ‘in labor non emergency C-section’, your chances for a successful VBAC are very high. If you live at less than 30 minutes from a hospital, the best place is the place where you feel secure and confortable. If the first stage is as easy as for the first two births it means that you can stay where you are when the baby is coming.

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