Vehicles and Rollers: Mothering’s Natural Toy Guide 2012


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Tegu Dart


Why We Love It: Tegu has one of the coolest natural toy items on the market with its magnetic wooden block sets–now this special Dart combo is putting a whole new twist on the fun! Everything you need to make this sleek car, from the cool topper to the stylish wheels, is included. Plus, you can take it apart and easily dream up other magnetic creations. Tegu is not only an eco-friendly company it is also socially conscious. Check out their mission to positively impact the Honduran community they work in.


Price: $38.00


Where to Buy: Tegu






Doodletown Wooden Vehicles 


Why We Love It: These cute little vehicles are handmade in Minnesota from sustainable pine and are priced right! Choose from a tractor, helicopter, airplane, car, train, bus, or bulldozer for tons of imaginative fun. 


Price: $6.99


Where to Buy: Peapods







Ping Pong Catapult


Why We Love It: This naturally made catapult might be simply designed but it is super sturdy, powerful and so much fun! Any child will adore shooting off the included ping pong balls or other small items from around the house to see where they land. Set up a target for a little challenge. Made in Oregon, USA. 


Price:  $23.95


Where to Buy: Peapods





Walking Elephant


Why We Love It: What a totally unique toy. The elephant looks like a teething toy, but has two feet by which it walks down a wooden slide all by itself. Fascinating. Interactive. US Made from birch and beech. (36x6x10).


Price: $30.00


Where to Buy: Real Wooden Toys





Sit and Walk Puppy


Why We Love It: This happy puppy is sure to become your child’s new best friend. Take her for a walk by pulling her around or let her sit back and rest. Made of safe, quality materials for years of enjoyment. 


Price: $23.00


Where to Buy: Rosie Hippo





Toboggan Auto Racer


Why We Love It: Now we know where European drivers got their start. This traditional European design places wooden cars on the top of a track and we watch them speed back and forth to the bottom. Beech wood. Made in USA.


Price: $30.00


Where to Buy: Real Wooden Toys



Pull Frog


Why We Love It: Few things are cuter than a child toddling around the house with a pull toy close behind; this frog from Nova Naturals will make the picture complete. Exceptionally well made, the beautiful grain and smooth feel of the wood will appeal to your toddler’s senses, while the clacking mouth that opens and shuts will enchant her. Older children will be inspired to understand what makes this little guy work. This heirloom-quality toy is sure to get lots of use. Delightful!


Price: $27.00


Where to Buy: Nova Natural





Seesawing Hairys


Why We Love It: This exceptional, hand crafted pull toy brings a smile to your face. The two Hairy Brothers each go up and down and swing around on the seesaw as the toy is pulled. Made in USA.


Price: $25.00


Where to Buy: Real Wooden Toys




Big Top


Why We Love It: This is a unique twist on the classic spinning top toy. The substantial wooden top seems to spin forever. Kids will have a great time trying it out on different surfaces, and even lifting it mid-spin, while the high-quality, simple construction ensures it will endure many years of play. Consider this an ideal pick for a stocking stuffer that will entertain and delight.


Price: $24.00


Where to Buy: Nova Natural






Fagus Combifix Bus


Why We Love It: This is one of those toys you always wanted to have. The unique Fagus plug-in system allows multiple playing options. Non-toxic water-based paint. Beautifully designed and made of beech wood in a German workshop for the handicapped.


Price: $62.00


Where to Buy: The Wooden Wagon




Natural People Mover


Why We Love It:  Made of solid wood, this simple vehicle carries a diverse group of little people that are perfect for imaginative adventures indoors and out.  Very well-made in the USA.


Price: $39.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden



Wooden Rolling Animals


Why We Love It: Little hands will delight in driving these safe and sturdy animals all over the house. They are especially fun when paired up with some creative animal sounds and a little imagination. Made in the USA of solid hardwood and food-grade oil. 


Price: $24.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden



Rainbow Boat


Why We Love It: This beautifully constructed boat is handmade in the USA and filled with wonderful little people of many colors. Kids will love taking these little friends in and out of the boat before sending them off for high seas adventures.


Price:  $17.95


Where to Buy: Down to Earth Toys






Green Toys Submarine Bath Toy


Why We Love It: All Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.and are BPA, phthalate and PVC free. This delightful submarine is perfect for play time or bath time and is super easy to keep clean. 


Price:  $14.99


Where to Buy: Peapods






Stack the Trix Mix


Why We Love It: Like all Haba toys this one is a work of art. Gorgeous to look at, safe and so fun to play with this stacker makes the perfect gift for any toddler.


Price: $44.99


Where to Buy: Rosie Hippo






Wilbert the Worm Rolling Toy


Why We Love It: Constructed from midwestern hardwoods and mildly coated with natural beeswax in Illinois this toy is just right for rolling about. It can also be used as a teether. 


Price: $15.99


Where to Buy: Peapods





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