Video: A Vaccine Primer – Health Professionals Speak Out

This video was filmed at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccinations in Reston, Virginia, October 2009. It highlights the concerns, opinions, and advice of physicians, reaserchers, and health professionals about the risks and dangers of vaccination and the options. Speakers include:

  • Andrew Wakefield, Vaccine Researcher and Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons
  • Gary Matsumoto, Award Winning Investigative Reporter
  • Dr. Sarah Fletcher, Board Certified Physician
  • Dr. Meryl Nass, Board Certified Physician
  • Steven Marini, PhD, DC, Immunoligist, Microbiologist, and Adjunct Professor
  • Jim Moody, Attorney, National Autism Association
  • Dr. Warren Levin, Board Certified Physician
  • Barbara Loe Fisher, President, National Vaccine Information Center
  • Dr. Rene Tocco, Founder, Hope for Autism
  • Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, Board Certified Pediatrician and Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Mary Tocco, Vaccine Investigator

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