Video of the Amazing Banana Opening Trick

Several readers wrote to me privately about the banana trick I described last week and a few commented on the post saying they needed a video demonstration.

Ask and ye shall receive!

Here is 10-year-old Hesperus demonstrating the amazing banana opening trick. I am narrating and holding the camera (James’s iPhone) in one hand and Leone, who was squirming wildly, in the other.

(The key is to make the slit in the banana without your kids seeing so they think you’re just opening it by magic.)

Happy watching (the video is 33 seconds long)!

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4 thoughts on “Video of the Amazing Banana Opening Trick”

  1. That is fabulous! My boys just saw this and are clamoring for bananas (sadly, I ate the last one this morning 🙂

    Well done, Hesperus!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I really needed that. I want to try it with my daughter when shes not looking. She will think its magic!

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