Vocabulary of an 8-Month-Old

“When did she start talking?” A surrprised friend asked a few days ago.

Baby Leone loves to have long involved conversations. She makes unintelligible noises (”Ah bah, bah dee dah!” is what she’s saying right now) and claps her hands, or bangs the ground with a pen, or flails her legs for emphasis.

But our friend was noticing that she’s also consistently saying some words. She started “talking” about two weeks ago.

Here’s the dictionary:

“Beh” = bye

“Bah” = ball

“Hhh” = hi

“Mama mama” = random consonant and vowel sounds strung together

“Da da” = human being, daddy, mommy, thank you, or simply a favorite expression of good will and friendliness

“Ve ve” = practice saying Vesuvius

“Ahhhh!” + lunge = affectionate baby attack

“Ahhh!” + smiles + drool = I love you

Smacking lips together = I’m pretending to chew gum like Grandma Suzie

“Na na” = nummies = I’m hungry, feed me RIGHT NOW

crying inconsolably + rubbing eyes = I’m tired, someone help me go to sleep

If you have a baby, how does he or she communicate with you? If your children are past the baby stage, do you remember their first words?

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