waaaay back to school

Conversation today in the office-supplies aisle of a local store:

Reeve (our almost-22-year-old son who has been home from college for the summer): “I miss getting the lists of school supplies we used to get at the beginning of school each year. It was kinda festive . . .  I remember I used to scan the list, looking for some new, exciting item which would indicate that this teacher was going to be interesting and this school year was going to be different.”

Me: “Interesting? Like what?”

Reeve: “Oh, you know. . . swords!”

* * * * *

Photo (above): Reeve, at age 5. He adored Pippi Longstocking and, despite all our efforts to the contrary, was completely fascinated by any kind of weaponry. At right: These days, despite our early fears that he might grow up to be a vigilante, Reeve is a gentle, compassionate, peaceable . . . opera singer. (Albeit one who still apparently has a soft spot in his heart for swords.) (That’s him with his girlfriend, Eliza, also a loving—and lovely—opera singer.)




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3 thoughts on “waaaay back to school”

  1. That has got to be the best photo! Between the Pippi braids and the brightly colored guns, I was on the floor. What a cutie. For a minute there, I thought he was wearing Wendy’s braids.

    I love school lists and I agree that you can get a hint of the teachers’ personalities through the list.

    Hmm which has me thinking. Do they still make Trapper Keepers? Those rocked!

  2. Good eye, Angela. I made the hat and braid combo from a Wendy’s cap and some red doll hair I happened to have, and he was so proud of it. . . (Trapper Keepers?! I’d forgotten about those!)

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