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WAHM Connect


WAHM Connect was created to meet the needs of both WAHM and non-WAHM members in providing or searching for, and gaining information about, WAHM members stores, products and services. Non-WAHM members can peruse WAHM Connect threads for the latest specials and to locate specific products and services sold by MDC WAHMs.

Who Can Post to WAHM Connect? Those WAHM members that have chosen to invest in a Signature Advertising Package can post a thread of their own. In this subforum, Signature Advertising WAHMs may feel free to post regarding their products and services and are allotted the freedom to personally edit and update their single post thread as desired. The subject line is to contain only the name of the WAHM’s business.

A ‘Signature Advertising Package’ includes:

  • A hyperlinked business name or URL in signature line.
  • Advertising text in the signature line (up to a two line maximum, no larger than default size font of MDC)
  • A thread in WAHM Connnect and MDC’s new WAHMarket
  • A 100X100 pixel avatar
  • Free access to start threads in the MDC Trading Post with personal items (business sales need to be placed in your WAHMarket thread).
  • Please Note: We do not allow advertising in the actual posts other than in WAHM Connect and WAHMarket. Any advertising must be contained to your signature and your dedicated thread in WAHMarket and Daily Diaper or WAHM Connect.
  • After your business signature purchase, we ask that you indicate that you are a business subscriber by changing your username to dark red in your User CP under Group Memberships.

WAHM Connect threads are not discussion threads, and therefore are not to be posted to by MDC members. The threads will contain a single post only – created and maintained by the WAHM. To place your thread in WAHM Connect complete the application for the Signature Advertising Package . Once your payment is received, you will see the red advertising "A" under your username to know you may create your hyperlinked signature and post to the WAHM Connect forum  

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