Wahm Well Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the MDC WAHM forum! This forum is a place for WAHMs and anyone interested in WorkingAtHome to discuss all things related to running a business from the home. Please feel free to ask questions, share tips, seek guidance and learn from other WAHMs. We appreciate your contributions and appreciate the wonderful and knowledgeable WAHMs in our community.

Please take a moment to read our User Agreement. You will note that advertising is not allowed in posts:

Advertising in discussion threads is strictly prohibited. Do not post to advertise your product, business, website or blog or in any other manner from which you would financially benefit. Advertising in signatures is only permitted with a Signature Advertising Package. Blogs linked in signatures may not contain advertising/promotion without a Signature Advertising Package. MDC sales and fundraising information may be posted by administrators, moderators and designated members. Members may not use their business or product names as a username.

No self-promotion, advertising or spamming is allowed in WAHMWell

While the subject of business will naturally lead us to talk about our stores/sites/blogs, it is not a free pass for spamming and/or self-promotion. Discussion should be about our business issues without promotion of products, sites, blogs and/or services for sales or traffic. WAHMs may post about their stores, sites and their business names if necessary as part of the discussion but never in a self-promoting manner.

Directing a member to your site or asking them to email/PM you for info about your business is an inappropriate form of self-promotion and is not allowed. Posts that appear to be promotional will be removed from the boards and dealt with according to our UA. 

If a member is sending you unsolicited sales information via the Private Message system, please report this behavior to a moderator or administrator, and we will contact the individual and prevent future abuse of the PM feature.

Helpful Posting Guidelines for WAHMs:

I sell that!" and PMs
A business/WAHM should not reply to inquiries such as "where can I buy XYZ" on the public boards. You are allowed to respond to a direct question for information [I]privately[/I] with a PM or email to the one person who asked for specific information. It is not acceptable to PM all posters in the thread, nor is it appropriate to PM members who did not directly request product/service/site information. This is considered spam. Spamming typically results in loss of posting privileges.

Faulty information regarding a product or service
A WAHM can post a reply to correct faulty information on a product once. This does not apply to reviews, business policies or other complaints/issues that customers or members may be expressing. It is strictly for product information. For example, customer may say "that sling is polyester fleece" the WAHM could respond: "actually, it is not polyester fleece–it is made with Hemp Cotton blend of 55% hemp, 45% cotton."

Customer Service issues
If a member says "I don’t like the shipping with XYZ, it takes 3 weeks to ship" or "I was shocked that XYZ does not return phone calls and is rude to customers" or "XYZ does not take returns"
etc etc etc…even if the statements listed were false, it is not appropriate to comment on the boards about them. Instead, you can attempt to resolve a business issue with your customer through your own communication attempts (if they are willing) or you can contact our board administrator in the event of a problem. Personal customer service disputes and issues will be removed from the boards.

WAHMs, please consider taking advantage of MDC’s Advertiser Package which includes:

• Advertising and hyperlinks in your MDC signature line (up to a two line maximum, no larger than default size font of MDC)
• 100X100 pixel avatar under your username
• A thread in The Daily Diaper or WAHM Connect
• A dedicated thread in our WAHMarket forum, which serves as an MDC "Classified" section, with unlimited bumping ability to self-promote specials, products, etc.

Please email administrator@mothering.com with further questions regarding an Advertising package.

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