Wahmarket Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the MDC WAHMarket!


What is WAHMarket?
WAHMarket is our newest feature that is designed to be a space where MDC members can pay to post to promote their businesses, websites, services and blogs. We will host threads that announce contests, special offers/discount codes, fundraisers, seek marketing research, employees, product testers, clients, solicit stories for future publications, etc. All MDC members and guests have access to view the WAHMarket, and threads will remain available for search purposes after the paid subscription has expired. Think of WAHMarket as an MDC classified section.

We hope anyone who is seeking WAHM goods and services will utilize the WAHMarket to help support other MDC members, encourage community and hopefully find great deals and wonderful products, services and opportunities!

Who can post in WAHMarket?
Business Signature Advertisers have free access to the WAHMarket during their paid subscription as a value-added feature of the business signature advertising package. We will allow all registered MDC members to advertise in this forum.

How do I purchase a subscription to WAHMarket?
Business Signature Advertisers will have automatic access to start their thread during their subscription period.

How does WAHMarket work?
Those with paid access are able to post a single dedicated thread and then post to it as needed with updated offers, images and/or information. Replies from anyone other than the original poster are not hosted, so please be sure to include all the necessary contact information and/or website links in your thread. Once a thread is started, you may post to bump it up, and update it with new information on a daily basis.

Why can’t I submit a thread?
Only those who have purchased a paid Subscription or are already Business Signature members will have access to post a dedicated thread. Paypal may take up to 72 hours to be processed and credited to your username. If you don’t have access to post your thread after 72 hours and you have a paid receipt, please email administrator@mothering.com with a copy of your receipt so we can investigate.

Why isn’t my thread showing up right away?
Threads submitted to WAHMarket will require moderator approval prior to being published. This may take 24-48 hours, so thank you for your patience. Subsequent post "bumps" to your thread will not require approval.

The MDC User Agreement is in effect in WAHMarket, with the exception of this part of #4:

Advertising in discussion threads is strictly prohibited. Do not post to advertise your product, business, website or blog or in any other manner from which you would financially benefit.

We support the WHO Code of the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, so please do not post to advertise formula, bottles or pacifiers. We cannot accept advertising that seeks or sells breastmilk. Please contact administrator@mothering.com if there are any questions about the suitability of your product or service prior to purchasing a subscription.

We reserve the right to refuse to host any material deemed inappropriate for our forum (such as adult/sexually-oriented content) and those posting in an inappropriate manner may lose their forum privileges without refund. We will use our discretion in determining any violations in the interest of the board and the community as a whole. Mothering Magazine and MotheringDotCommunity are not responsible for transactions or business disputes, so please use a secure payment method such as Paypal for recourse and always exercise caution in all online transactions.

Subscriptions are not refundable, but if you have any questions or concerns, please PM me or email at administrator@mothering.com.

Thank you so much for your participation and happy selling!

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