Waldorf Forum Purpose And Guidelines

Welcome to the Waldorf subforum

The Waldorf subforum is a place to share resources, thoughts and questions about Waldorf education and the philosophical underpinnings of Waldorf education.

Support threads are welcome. Questioning and differing points of view are welcome as long as disagreement is respectfully posted. MDC recognizes that there are critics of Waldorf education, as with all educational philosophies. This Waldorf forum is not the place for ongoing debate between critics and supporters of Waldorf education. There are numerous online venues for critics to share stories and to debate, and we invite you to take this debate elsewhere.

Threads that involve “two-member only” debate, references to other boards or other discussions on other Waldorf-oriented forums or references to previous debates between members will not be hosted. While respectful differences of opinion about Waldorf are welcome, a member’s presence that seems to stem from an “agenda” or changes the entire tone of the forum will not be hosted. Members posting to the forum should be sincere MDC members, as evidenced by broad participation elsewhere in the community.

Please make sure your posts are in accordance with the MDC User Agreement, and please direct any questions or concerns to the forum’s moderator. Thank you so much

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