couple walking, woman is pregnantWalking is one of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy or at any time. Develop a walking routine that fits into your lifestyle. Put together a comfortable outfit to wear on your walks in all kinds of weather. Choose shoes or boots that are comfortable and won’t slip.

Lay out your outfit and shoes in your room so that they’ll be ready for you and go on your walk first thing in the morning. If you have a child, bring him or her in a backpack or baby jogger.

Maybe the morning just does not work for you. Can you end your day with a walk or take a walk after dinner? If you work, can you walk to and from work or during your lunch hour? Are there places you drive to during your day that you can walk to? Take stairs instead of elevators. Park your car further away than necessary when you park and get in a little walk.

Remember that you can get the benefit of exercise even when you only do it in 15-minute segments. Several 15-minute blocks a day will build your stamina as much as exercising an hour at a time.

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