Week 25: Pregnancy Week by Week

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Week 25: Third Trimester Common Concerns

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Somewhere in our lives, each of us needs a free place, a little psychic territory. Do you have yours?

-Gloria Steinem



What’s Happening in Your Body?

For some women the middle of pregnancy marks a time when sex becomes pleasurable again. They’ve had a chance to work through morning sickness and have become well adjusted to pregnancy. Some women find that they are more aware of their bodies than ever before, and may even experience heightened sexual feelings.

What’s Happening with Your Baby?

Your baby is about 13 inches long. She may now suck her thumb. You may also notice a rhythmic movement in your abdomen from time to time. This is the baby hiccupping! She is beginning to practice rudimentary breathing movements about this time.

Third Trimester Common Concerns

You are about to enter the third and final trimester of your pregnancy. For many women, this time is marked by impatience – it can seem like pregnancy takes forever. For others, it is a dreamy time that seems to float peacefully by. No matter how you’re feeling, this is an excellent time to take stock of your choices up until now and to look deep inside yourself to inventory your mental state and emotions.

One of the most common problems for women in their third trimester of pregnancy is sleep, or lack of it, to be precise. Learn how to deal with this and other common issues that come up during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Nourish Yourself

Incorporating more potassium into your diet may help ease leg cramps or that feeling of restlessness in the legs during late pregnancy. Some good sources of potassium are: prunes, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, bananas, beet greens, white beans, and halibut. Our Instant Banana Pudding is a yummy way to get more potassium in your diet.

Body Wise

The calf stretch is a great tool for dealing with leg cramps and restless legs during pregnancy.

Stand in front of a wall or closed door and place your hands on it, directly in front of you. Move your right foot back several inches. Bend your left leg, keeping both feet flat on the ground. Lean forward slightly. You should feel a stretch in the calf of your right leg.

Repeat this on the other side.

Natural Soothers

Try aromatherapy to help you get a good night’s sleep. Sprinkle neroli blossom or sandalwood around your bed, or place a drop or two on a tissue and put it under your pillow. Lavender works also. For nightmares and anxiety, use frankincense instead. You can also put these oils in a warm bath before bedtime. A good bath blend is lavender, chamomile, and neroli.

Higher Ground


This baby moves inside me now

Sending messages at night-

Morse code

About life on the inside:

It is dark

But warm and quiet

With only muffled echoes softly pleading,

Wake up, little one.

I want to know you’re in there,

Happy and safe.

Answers come again-

A sudden flutter-

Secret lyrics of song with no rhythm.

Played with hands and feet.

Someday I will hear the song again-

A high-pitched, quick and breathy humming.

I will teach her that she’s been singing that old song forever,

And reach out for little splayed hands

That have long since held my heart.

By Yvette Benavides


Image by Durga Yael Bernhard


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