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Week 29: Making Decisions About Work and Career

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No one can sufficiently capture in words the euphoria, the gratitude, and the total delight which can follow a natural birth. The “high” of these moments is spiritual to the utmost, while remaining utterly physical.

-Qahira Qalbi


What’s Happening in Your Body?

Some women feel breast tenderness in the third trimester. This is normal. As you approach the last trimester of pregnancy it is a good idea to check with your practitioner before making travel plans. If you plan to fly, be sure to check with the airline before making a reservation, as some have restrictions for women who are in the final weeks of pregnancy.

What’s Happening with Your Baby?

The baby’s lungs have not yet fully matured. The baby continues practicing rudimentary breathing movements in your uterus, although there is no air in her lungs at this point, only amniotic fluid.

Making Decisions About Work and Career

Most women begin to make plans about how work will fit into their lives after the baby is born: stay at home with the baby until she is ready for school; stay at home for three months and then return to work; stay at home for six weeks and then go back to work part-time; or another plan.

Once they become mothers, however, many women find they need to reevaluate these plans. Motherhood can deal surprises. Get some fresh ideas on how to deal with the work/stay at home dilemma..

Nourish Yourself

You may find yourself getting that full feeling much more quickly than you normally do. For most women, the best strategy is to eat several small meals throughout the day, rather than three big ones. Try to pack in as much nourishment as you can by nibbling all day. Our recipe for Tamari-roasted Nuts is a good way to get lots of protein on the go. Or you can make Raw Seed Wafers and spread them with peanut butter, cream cheese, jelly, or anything else you like.

Body Wise

A lot of women feel stress in their neck and shoulders. The Shoulder Releaser can make you feel better. This is a great one to learn now. When you are breastfeeding you may find that you feel strain in your shoulders and upper back from bending over your baby while you are feeding her.

Natural Soothers

Now is the time to practice creative ways to be together with your partner. Find ways to Rekindle Romance that will help you connect now and after your baby is born.

Higher Ground

A surefire way to calm down and stay in the moment is to do a breathing meditation. Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. Place your hands on your belly and focus on your breathing. Take note of each breath-in, and each breath-out. Feel your belly rise and fall. As you notice other thoughts, let them gently go and return to focusing on your breath.

As you get more comfortable with this meditation, you will find that you can use it any time and any place. Just noticing the rise and fall of your breath can instantly ease stress. You can also use this technique at night to help you relax and fall asleep.


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