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rooflineSo, even though I

1) got up and out this morning and made it to yoga (despite feeling like crap—stupid respiratory crud); and

2) did not dawdle and finished my physical therapy regimen* in 30 minutes; and

3) eschewed the outfit I’ve worn the last three days, quickly and efficiently deciding upon an alternative ensemble: ridiculously ratty—but clean!—jeans and a dapper thrift-store sweater I found in Reeve’s drawer (Hey, he won’t need it—he’s off at school where it’s warm in the winter!); and

4) left the house earlier than usual, making just one stop along the way, at Whole Foods (arnica for the legs and dark chocolate-covered espresso beans for the production team). . .

it still came to pass that as I was headed in to the office, I checked my watch and noticed that it was NOON. How does this happen? Every day? Even on days, like today, when we’re in the production crunch at work? Why can’t I ever get it together?

Bummed and feeling like a screw-up because I can never get to my job before 12:00 (by which time, of course, most people are halfway through with their workdays), I called my sister, who answered the phone with a cheery “Hey, whatcha doing?”

When I complained that I was, indeed, walking to the office, still trying to get to work—like some bad dream where your legs move and move but you never get anywhere—and how I’m always late, etc., she responded, little knowing that her words would turn my day around:

“No, you’re fine. You’re not late. You get things done on your own time, in your own way. That’s just what artists do, you know.

She’s pretty smart, for a little sister.


*have been having hamstring/piriformis/sciatic nerve issues which are really not a problem until I try to sit for more than 10 minutes. But who needs to sit, anyway?

Photo of evening light (if you can call 4:30 in the afternoon evening) on the roofline of the artist’s studio next door. He works late, too.


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2 thoughts on “what artists do”

  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing! And back in the day when I had a life coach (who was awesome), she taught me to honor my strengths and just manage my weakness (timeliness) when I absolutely need to or when it impacted others. She helped me to instead of get down on myself about time, to honor my free spirit and recognize how awesome it is that I am able to be present enjoying each moment, without having to always worry about the clock. Thinking about this helps me sometimes when I get down on myself for yet another situation where I am not on time… I think..well, I didn’t have to cut that friend off on the phone who really needed me..and I was able to roll with it and not get worked up about the time. My husband always says that most of the time when you are late, it ends up working out okay anyway. And I agree with your sister.. you get things done in your own time and in your own way. And if you don’t get there when everyone else does…well, all that means is that you don’t get there when everyone else does. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome blog.


    A fellow artist/free spirit 🙂

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