What Is A Girl? What Is A Boy?

When I was three years old, my mother took me to the bank and propped me up on the counter while she tended to her paperwork. Legend has it that I looked at the male teller and asked in a loud and clear voice, “Do you have a penis?” Luckily, my mother was a preschool teacher with a degree in early child development and she knew my question was a natural part of a young child’s inquiry into gender, identity and anatomy. While my mom went on to explain when it was best to discuss such things and with whom, she never shamed me for my natural curiosity.

Soon after this encounter, my mother’s book, What Is A Girl? What Is A Boy? was published. She wanted to lay down the facts for young children, refute stereotypes and demystify the taboo.

The New York Times called it “a simple, straightforward, cut-through-the-garbage explanation of what does–and doesn’t–make a boy or a girl.” The West Coast Review of Books said it “speaks to a young child’s natural curiosity about the human body, with simplicity and beauty, without pretension or embarrassment.”

While many educators and pediatricians continue to swear by this simple, straight-forward book, the book was actually banned in a couple of small USA towns (along with Sylvia Plath’sThe Bell Jar and Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s Cat’s Cradle) because it contains nude photographs.

The book is now available at Amazon. Click here for more information about What Is A Girl, What Is A Boy? by Stephanie Waxman.



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