What Posts Belong In Breastfeeding Challenges

Hi mamas!

Just a friendly reminder– this forum was created as a safe place for mothers and babies who are facing challenges that are less common or more long-term. Some topics for this forum might include relactation, breastfeeding after reduction, breastfeeding a child with special needs, breastfeeding with a long-term illness or disability, exclusive pumping, failure to thrive, etc.

More common challenges– breastfeeding while teething, mastitis, thrush, plugged ducts, breastfeeding a newborn, weight gain issues, breastfeeding while taking a medication, position and latch, etc.– belong in the general breastfeeding forum or in breastfeeding beyond infancy.

The reason for this is two-fold. Mamas facing long-term and less common challenges need special support. Additionally, the advice in this forum is targeted towards these sorts of special cases. In here, we tend to look for zebras and not for horses.

Off-topic posts will be moved. Persistent off-topic posting will be alerted. If you have any questions at all, please PM a Breastfeeding forum moderator.


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